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Thread: A.C. Gilchrist - Superhero?

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    As I said:

    Players didn't make enough money from the few Tests they DID play
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    Quote Originally Posted by Western Warrior

    Thanks for opening my eyes to the performance of Leslie Ames. One hell of a player. His test performances rank him up there with Gilchrist though I wonder why he didn't play any more than 47.
    You are welcome.

    Well there werent too many tests those days. His carreer runs parallel to Don's and Bradman played only 52 tests. The war of course took away six years in their prime.

    He was also having serious back trouble in the latter part of his career.

    You know he stood up to medium pacers (as was done by most former great keepers) and took stumpings off their bowling.

    He lived to be an old man and always wondered why keepers dived so much or took so many deliveries/catches in one hand. His movement was known to be so good that he was invariable behind the ball howsoever far it travelled and always made it look easy. Many people said that he did not think keeping was a very difficult thing to do because it came so naturally to him.

    Originally he was a brillliant fielder in the slips and took to keeping only because he always fumed at keepers doing a bad job and thought, "Whats so difficult about it. Its easier than fielding at first slip without gloves !" and to prove it he kept and it stuck !!

    Today keepers stand back to everything other than spin and ask anyone who has himself kept wickets and they will tell you standing back and taking catches is the easiest bit of wicket keeping

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    Quote Originally Posted by Top_Cat
    As I said:

    I meant that he didn't choose county over country as such.
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