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Thread: Left arm fast bowling

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    Left arm fast bowling


    Hi. I'm from Pakistan and a complete cricket fanatic. I'm 6"0 and I'm 14 years old. I'm also a left arm fast medium bowler. It would be very appreciated if anyone can give me advice or tips in bowling. I'm skinny and suffer from lack of pace. For about a month now I have been going to the gym and have improved my diet. I have played a couple of matches from my school as an opener bowler but I bowl a lot of wides down the leg side. Can anyone help me bowl a natural swing bowling across the right hander? All I can do is bowl an in swingerl which goes down the leg side for wide. I would be very grateful for any kind help.*

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    You should talk to the poster from NZ Welalbidarned.

    My thoughts. You shouldn't be trying to swing it away from the right hander anyway. It is most natural for you to shape it back in. Your variation can be your cross seam delivery where you just angle it across the right hander.

    Until you can learn how to control your swing I would bowl every ball across the seam.
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    Thanks for the reply. Can u atleast give me a link or the username of the poster? Thanks a bunch

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    Mate my advice would be to focus on accuracy at the moment, you'll probably get faster when you get older and stronger.
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    Consistency should be your aim and that can only be achieved with a well practiced technique. Speed and power as mentioned will come. You could vary this with outside spin taking the batsman off his mark

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