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Thread: My [bad] Bowling Action Youtube Vid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manee View Post
    Good tip. I have started working on this. I have realised that the key is the combination between a high jump and one that takes you far.
    Yeah, I guess the jump is up to you. Stuart Clark doesn't really jump much as he hits the crease...Brett Lee does. Jumping isn't going to get you a lot of extra pace though if it's just jumping for jumping's sake. As part of a rhythmic run up and if it doesn't result in you decelerating when you land then it's ok. Looking to jump high in the air is going to result in deceleration.
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    Damien Fleming was on the radio and saying that jumping too high throws off momentum so you want to avoid jumping too high.

    Someone like Imran Khan jumped way too high, it really was ridiculous.

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