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Thread: Thanks Coach

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    Thanks Coach

    Most of us on this forum play cricket and most of us will have a coach that was instrumental and very influential for our love of the game and our progression.

    I thought it would be nice to have a place to say "Thanks" to those coaches who meant the most in our cricketing lives.

    For me

    Keith Pettingale
    I came to cricket quite late at 13/14 yrs old. Keith was my first coach when I joined a small village junior section.

    He helped get me started, fostered my love for the game and probably most importantly recommended and encouraged me to move and find other clubs and coaches once he realised that my ability outgrew his knowledge and experience.

    Thanks Keith, without you I would have done nothing regards to cricket.

    Please give credit to the guy(s) that helped you the most
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    Pretty much only ever had two coaches, Tim Lamb showed me the basics at about 12 and John Hince managed to improve my all-round game at around 16. Pretty much developed (my bowling mostly) on my own by going over and over how i wanted to bowl.
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    Practically learned the game on my own in the US. No wonder my bowling off the wrong foot was only noticed after a fulll season as a specialist seamer in the local league. Too late. Oh well.

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    My old man pretty much taught me most of what I learnt. I didnt really like to do what he said but eventually I would.

    Other then that probably Brad Glenn. The best junior coach I ever saw.
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    Steve Tarbox

    I started playing local grade cricket when i was about 14 and at that stage had njo defence, concentration or as much pride in my wicket. Took him a season to transform me from a 3rd Grade no.7 hacker, to a top order batsmen in 2nd and first grade taught me all the technical aspects of batting.

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    An Aussie with a Lancashire accent living in Keighley,West Yorks
    My dad mainly...cheers fella

    Then Mick Moore at St Annes CC
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    Completely self-taught in cricket. Thanks for nothing Amir.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightprowler10 View Post
    Completely self-taught in cricket. Thanks for nothing Amir.

    Was lucky to spend 4 years (12-16 or so) playing with mostly adults in Shanghai, many of whom were qualified coaches, so I had a whole lot of help from quite a few people. They really helped me sort out my action, used to hop off one of my feet as I bowled, which got fixed pretty quickly, as well as a whole bunch of other problems.
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    Never been coached for a minute at either batting, bowling, fielding or keeping. It explains why I have some of the most horrendous techniques known to man and can't score runs or take wickets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup View Post
    Never been coached for a minute at either batting, bowling, fielding or keeping. It explains why I have some of the most horrendous techniques known to man and can't score runs or take wickets.
    Yeah would go part way to that, all though you can't let the lack of coaches take all the credit
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    Now that I think about I did get some coaching. My friend's brother, who was a total ****, was forced to pick me in to his one afternoon. Neither one of us was happy about it, but in order to win he showed me a bit about batting bowling and fielding. A lot of that I have always carried through and it helped me become a decent defensive tail ender and a much better fielder. Did wonders for my bowling though. I nearly took off a batsman's head once which I never thought was possible with my bowling.

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    one of my gun coaches well there was three, which i had from a very young age, u8's and had them all up to my u16's and then green shield

    stuart mcgregor, jeff hill and mike drew. all where instrumental in making me and alot of my cricketing mates the players we where and turned out to be and still are. we had almost the same side all the way through juniors and probably 3/4's of our club side was our rep side.

    we played on a weekend

    juniors on sat morning
    mens sat arvo
    and reps sunday.

    these 3 coaches where instrumental to my criket career which spanded 22 years of alot of good solid and a very good level of cricket.

    thank you gentleman.

    and my uncle who bought me my first cricket kit at the age of 3
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    Haven't had any serious coaching on a one-to-one basis TBH. Just the basic overseer role.

    First person who filled this role I'll never forget tho - his name is Peter Sowler, Ponteland CC, summer of 1992. He's still there too. Then it was Dad the following year. In those days I could bat - well, I could play leg-side off the back-foot (very well) and I could block, and I could bowl - at that time, not very quickly.

    Has basically just been age-group overseers though. Since we moved to Exeter those filling that role at my club have been Mike Medway (1999) and Gary Thomas (2000-2002), parents of young players both.

    Have never had any serious coaching and have begun to wish I had the last few years TBH.
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    I want to thank this guy in school who always promised me I could bat or bowl and then invariably sent me to stand behind the nets to get the ball from the bushes.

    I became a botanist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFire View Post
    Yeah would go part way to that, all though you can't let the lack of coaches take all the credit

    I'd like to say sod off to any coach who's ever coached me ever.

    Nothing personal, but you were all ****. None of you knew what the **** you were talking about because all you did was recite passages from ECB coaching books, and the only reason you coach is because you all failed as players.

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