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Thread: Lowest Battrick Score

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    Oct 2007
    Surrey, England


    so far my lowest is a dismal 73 with 5 been extas, having two ducks and new siging Hagden top scoring on 30. only three people got double figs (one being 10)

    the game luckerly was a freindly though.
    My BT and FPT team the: (Fishs XI)

    supporting; Mark Ramprakah (for England), Graham Thorpe;
    Geraint Jones; Ali Brown; Saqulain Mushtaq; Surrey CCC; Fishs XI; Fulham FC and Lincolnshire CCC.

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    my lowast is 17 in BT20 match. I'm div 5 in both but made 98 against a div 1 side so that was cool. The side I made 17 against was div 3
    My Bes XI of all time:

    1. H Sutcliffe
    2. J Hobbs
    3. D Bradman
    4. S Tendulkar
    5. B Lara
    6. G Sobers
    7. A Gilchrist
    8. R Benaud
    9. D Lillee
    10. M Marshall
    11. I Khan

    I don't like drug addicts.
    I don't like chukkas.

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