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Thread: Battrick Team Details

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    So ash chaulk is the first ever AFL Last Man Standing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Baconator View Post
    Vindscreen Vipers. I thrashed you a couple of times when I got promoted in Season 4
    That was you?! Yeah that was around the time I never paid any mind to BT. Still finished 3rd, though. I believe you and Allstarz were the only ones who could beat me.
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    Posting this list because searches in Battrick need to be 'exact' now to produce any results, which is somewhat irritating. Copy and paste and add yourself or correct it, most of the leagues are out of date.

    Team Name: Anchormen
    Team ID: 5330
    Username: Robertinho
    League: V.85
    Country: Australia
    Ground: Robertinho Select XI CG

    Team Name: alternative XI
    Team ID: 4412
    Country: England
    League: V.226

    Team Name: Asterix XI
    Team ID: 1766
    Username: Asterix
    League: I.1
    Country: WI
    Ground: Asterix XI CG

    Team Name: Boggles
    Team ID: 7145
    Username: PEY
    League: I.1
    Country: India
    Ground: Boggles CG

    Team Name: Boulevard Bombers
    Team ID: 8321
    Username: roseboy64
    League: IV.11
    Country: West Indies
    Ground: Rose Gardens

    Team Name: Brackenhurst
    Team ID: 5748
    Username: Nnanden
    Country: Australia
    League: V.137

    Team Name: Bushpigs
    Team ID: 4761
    Username: kears_falcon
    League: V.14
    Country: Australia
    Ground: Bushpigs CG

    Team Name: Central Districts
    Team ID: 6385
    Username: Keggorz
    Country: Australia
    League: IV.43
    Ground: Pukekura Park

    Team Name: Clapo's XI
    Team ID: 725
    Username: Clapo
    Country: Australia
    League: IV.7
    Ground: Gabba

    Team Name: Clutha Valley CC
    Team ID: 14468
    Username: Perm
    Country: New Zealand
    League: IV.17
    Ground: Clutha Valley CG

    Team Name: College Dropouts
    Team ID: 1001
    username: Brenoevo
    League: IV.63
    Country: Australia
    Ground: College Dropouts CG

    Team Name: Cymru Gurgitaters
    Team ID: 3688
    General Manager: Trevor_Vayro
    Country: England
    League: IV.11
    Ground: Cymru Gurgitaters CG

    Team Name: Dalmeny Cricket Club
    Team ID: 1169
    username: nooga_99
    Country: Australia
    One Day League: III.9
    Ground: Dalmeny CG

    Team name: Drunk XI
    Username: Leg-slip
    Team ID:7296
    Country: New Zealand
    One Day League: IV.10
    Ground: Drunk XI CG

    Team Name: Dynamo Morpork
    Team ID: 1837
    Username: Sam_Vimes
    Country: West Indies
    League: II.2
    Ground: Treacle Mine Road

    Team Name: Game Breakers
    Team ID: 1425
    Country: India
    League: II.2
    Ground: Game Breakers CG

    Team Name: Halsey's Sloggers
    Team ID: 10184
    Username: Halsey
    Country: England
    League: V.230
    Ground: Halsey's Sloggers CG

    Team Name: Hoy's Holy XI
    Team ID: 7850
    Username: thewizard1o1
    League: IV.16
    Country: South Africa
    Ground: Hoy's Holy XI CG

    Team Name: Jaffna Jets
    Team ID: 2272
    Username: chaminda_00
    Country: Sri Lanka
    League: IV.15
    Ground: Jaffna Jets CG

    Team Name: Jamees 999ers
    Team ID: 3765
    username: Jamee999
    League: V.145
    Country: England
    Ground: Jamees 9999ers CG

    Team Name: Kipper XI
    Team ID: 4666
    Username: Cameeel
    League: V.2
    Country: Australia
    Ground: Trentington Oval

    Team Name: Lancashire
    Team ID: 195
    username: superkingdav
    League: IV.60
    Country: England
    Ground: Old Trafford

    Team Name: Langeveldt XI
    Team ID: 7877
    Country: South Africa
    League: III.5
    Ground: The Richard D.Hingston Bowl

    Team Name: Magical Ponies
    Team ID: 5409
    Username: andyc
    League: IV.3
    Country: Australia
    Ground: Testing Forum CG

    Team Name: Nippon Ham Fighters
    Team ID: 8947
    Country: Pakistan
    League: III.7
    Ground: Qaddafi Stadium

    Team Name: Pup
    Team ID: 4198
    Username: Pup
    Country: England
    League: V.199
    Ground: Pup CG

    Team Name: Roar CC
    Team ID: 6961
    Username: Cloete
    Country: India
    League: IV.33
    Ground: Roar CG

    Team name: Sad Decadent XI
    Team ID: 6708
    Username: cricketboy29
    Country: India
    League: #1 in III.4
    Ground: Sad Decadent XI CG

    Team Name: Scaly Piscine CC
    Team ID: 4132
    username: ScalyPiscine
    League: II.3
    Country: England
    Ground: Scaly Piscine CG

    Team Name: Tawonga Tigers
    Team ID: 4929
    Username: geg
    Country: Australia
    League: IV.52
    Ground: Tawonga Tigers CG

    Team Name: The Heath CC
    Team ID: 3940
    Username: TP21
    Country: England
    League: VI.194
    Ground: The Heath Cricket Ground

    Team name: VCC
    Team ID: 199
    Username: kweek
    Country: England
    League: IV.24
    Ground: Sportpark Westvliet

    Team Name: Victoria Panthers
    Team ID: 5776
    Username: mike1990
    League: V.140
    Country: Australia
    Ground: Victoria Panthers CG

    Team Name: Viveash
    Team ID: 793
    username: ashchaulk
    League: IV.45
    Country: Australia
    Ground: Ashby Gardens

    Team Name: WA
    Team ID: 929
    Username: WangleMcZnap
    League: IV.23
    Country: Australia
    Ground: Western Oval

    Team Name: Whenuapai CC
    Team ID: 1569
    username: nibbs
    League: III.2
    Country: New Zealand
    Ground: Airbase Road

    Team Name: Withington Wonderers
    Team ID: 425
    Username: Mahindinho
    Country: England
    League: II.1
    Ground: The Neely Cutts Memorial Ground
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    Team Name: Tawonga Tigers
    Team ID: 4929
    username: geg
    Country: Australia
    League: IV.52
    Ground: Tawonga Tigers CG

    Has barely changed.
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    Cheers Scaly.

    My details haven't changed at all.
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    State Vice-Captain Spitfires_Fan's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Team Name: The Heath CC
    Team ID: 3940
    username: TP21
    Country: England
    League: VI.194
    Ground: The Heath Cricket Ground
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    Dec 2004
    Team Name: Magical Ponies
    Team ID: 5409
    Username: andyc
    Country: Australia
    League: IV.3
    Ground: Magical Ponies CG

    Cheers for doing that Scaly. Have no idea why they'd want to make it exact searches. If they wanted it that badly, they should've just made it an an option for your search.
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    Nov 2005
    Team Name: Four Pillars and Poor Fillers
    Team ID: 4913
    Username: bobisback
    Country: Australia
    League: IV.47
    Ground: Bobisback CG

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    Country: India
    Region: Bengal
    One Day League: #1 in III.4
    Twenty20 League: #2 in India group 73
    Ground: Sad Decadent XI CG
    Member of CW RED

    Queensland-Season 7 OD Champions

    Currently Managing: NSW

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    Quote Originally Posted by cricket player
    damn mods are more agressive then the teacher's in school that i have'
    Quote Originally Posted by AussieDominance
    *Sigh* what's the dev league got itself into.

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    Cheers SP, slight error in that I don't have XI at the end of my team name.

    Bit stupid IMO that they've made it exact.
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    State 12th Man
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    Jun 2007
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    Team Name: Male Models
    Team ID: 648
    Username: EARLOBE
    Country: Australia
    League: V.94
    Ground: Male Models CG

    I only started playing a couple of months ago, and only registered here today. Hope I did that correctly.

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    Jan 2005
    Murali CG
    Team Name: Jaffna Jets
    Team ID: 2272
    username: chaminda_00
    Country: Sri Lanka
    League: II.1
    Ground: Tenura Girubaharan Oval

    A couple changes
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    Team Name: alternative XI
    Team ID: 4412
    Username: alternative
    Country: England
    League: V.226
    Ground: Alternative XI CG
    Member of the AAAS
    Member of CW Green | Stedingham Jets Grade Cricket Team | Northside Power

    Manager of South Australia (WCC)

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    North Point
    Team Name: Citizens Erased
    Team ID: 7153
    Username: Sriram
    Country: India
    One Day League: #1 in III.15
    Ground: Citizens Erased CG

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    Sydney, Australia
    Team Name: oz fans XI
    Team ID: 6232
    Username: oz_fan
    Country: Australia
    One Day League: V.197
    Ground: oz fans XI CG
    Member of CW Black
    Goalkeeper for the Northside Power
    NZI Manager in WCC

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