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West Indies v India @ Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad
4, 5, 6, 7, 9 April 1962 (six-day match)

Toss: West Indies (bat)
Umpires: B Jacelon, HBD Jordan
Match Result: West Indies won by 7 wickets

1st Innings

West Indies

    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Conrad Hunte b Polly Umrigar28----
2. Easton McMorrisc Dilip Sardesai b Bapu Nadkarni50-195--
3. Rohan Kanhailbw b Polly Umrigar139---2
4. Seymour Nursec & b Salim Durani1-10--
5. Garry Soberslbw b Motganhalli Jaisimha19----
6. Willie Rodriguez b Polly Umrigar50---1
+7. Ivor Mendonca b Polly Umrigar3----
8. Lance Gibbslbw b Bapu Nadkarni15----
*9. Frank Worrellnot out 73----
10. Charlie Stayersc Rusi Surti b Polly Umrigar12----
11. Wes Hallnot out 50----

FOW 1-50 (Conrad Hunte), 2-169 (Easton McMorris), 3-174 (Seymour Nurse), 4-212 (Garry Sobers), 5-258 (Rohan Kanhai), 6-265 (Ivor Mendonca), 7-292 (Lance Gibbs), 8-316 (Willie Rodriguez), 9-346 (Charlie Stayers).
Extras 0b, 4lb, 0w, 0nb, 0pen) 4
Total (for 9 wickets, 176 ovs) 444

Bowling O M R W Extras
Rusi Surti264810 (0w,0nb)
Motganhalli Jaisimha184611 (0w,0nb)
Polly Umrigar56241075 (0w,0nb)
Salim Durani184541 (0w,0nb)
Chandu Borde234680 (0w,0nb)
Bapu Nadkarni3514692 (0w,0nb)

2nd Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Dilip Sardesai b Wes Hall0----
2. Vijay Mehra b Wes Hall14----
3. Rusi Surtic Seymour Nurse b Wes Hall0----
4. Vijay Manjrekarc Ivor Mendonca b Wes Hall4----
5. Motganhalli Jaisimhac Ivor Mendonca b Wes Hall10----
6. Polly Umrigarst Ivor Mendonca b Garry Sobers56----
*7. Nawab of Pataudic Garry Sobers b Willie Rodriguez47----
8. Chandu Bordec Seymour Nurse b Willie Rodriguez42----
9. Salim Duranic Frank Worrell b Willie Rodriguez12----
10. Bapu Nadkarnic Willie Rodriguez b Garry Sobers10---
+11. Budhi Kunderannot out 4----

FOW 1-0 (Dilip Sardesai), 2-0 (Rusi Surti), 3-9 (Vijay Manjrekar), 4-25 (Motganhalli Jaisimha), 5-30 (Vijay Mehra), 7-144 (Polly Umrigar), 8-169 (Salim Durani), 9-175 (Bapu Nadkarni), 197 (Chandu Borde).
Extras 1b, 4lb, 0w, 2nb, 0pen) 7
Total (for 10 wickets, 80.3 ovs) 197

Bowling O M R W Extras
Wes Hall93205 (0w,0nb)
Charlie Stayers81230 (0w,0nb)
Lance Gibbs195480 (0w,0nb)
Garry Sobers256482 (0w,0nb)
Willie Rodriguez19.32513 (0w,0nb)

3rd Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Motganhalli Jaisimhac Ivor Mendonca b Charlie Stayers15----
2. Vijay Mehra b Wes Hall62----
3. Salim Duranic Willie Rodriguez b Garry Sobers104----
4. Vijay Manjrekarc Seymour Nurse b Garry Sobers13----
*5. Nawab of Pataudic Rohan Kanhai b Garry Sobers1----
6. Polly Umrigarnot out 172-248--
7. Rusi Surtic Ivor Mendonca b Lance Gibbs2----
8. Chandu Bordec Garry Sobers b Lance Gibbs13----
9. Dilip Sardesaic Frank Worrell b Lance Gibbs0----
10. Bapu Nadkarnirun out ( > > )230---
+11. Budhi Kunderanc Willie Rodriguez b Lance Gibbs4----

FOW 1-19 (Motganhalli Jaisimha), 2-163 (Vijay Mehra), 3-190 (Vijay Manjrekar), 5-221 (Salim Durani), 6-236 (Rusi Surti), 7-278 (Chandu Borde), 8-278 (Dilip Sardesai), 9-371 (Bapu Nadkarni), 422 (Budhi Kunderan).
Extras 9b, 3lb, 0w, 1nb, 0pen) 13
Total (for 10 wickets, 143.1 ovs) 422

Bowling O M R W Extras
Wes Hall183741 (0w,0nb)
Charlie Stayers102501 (0w,0nb)
Lance Gibbs56.1181124 (0w,0nb)
Garry Sobers47141163 (0w,0nb)
Willie Rodriguez91470 (0w,0nb)
Frank Worrell30100 (0w,0nb)

4th Innings

West Indies

    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Conrad Huntec Budhi Kunderan b Salim Durani30----
2. Easton McMorris b Salim Durani56-200--
3. Rohan Kanhaic Bapu Nadkarni b Salim Durani20----
4. Seymour Nursenot out 46----
5. Garry Sobersnot out 16--21
6. Willie Rodriguez
+7. Ivor Mendonca
8. Lance Gibbs
*9. Frank Worrell
10. Charlie Stayers
11. Wes Hall

FOW 1-93 (Easton McMorris), 2-100 (Conrad Hunte), 3-132 (Rohan Kanhai).
Extras 3b, 1lb, 0w, 4nb, 0pen) 8
Total (for 3 wickets, 101 ovs) 176

Bowling O M R W Extras
Rusi Surti217480 (0w,0nb)
Motganhalli Jaisimha4150 (0w,0nb)
Polly Umrigar168170 (0w,0nb)
Salim Durani3113643 (0w,0nb)
Chandu Borde1100 (0w,0nb)
Bapu Nadkarni2813340 (0w,0nb)


West Indies:

Conrad Hunte, Easton McMorris, Rohan Kanhai, Seymour Nurse, Garry Sobers, Willie Rodriguez, Ivor Mendonca, Lance Gibbs, Frank Worrell, Charlie Stayers, Wes Hall


Motganhalli Jaisimha, Vijay Mehra, Salim Durani, Vijay Manjrekar, Nawab of Pataudi, Polly Umrigar, Rusi Surti, Chandu Borde, Dilip Sardesai, Bapu Nadkarni, Budhi Kunderan