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Featured Games

CW Cricket CW Cricket

The latest and greatest addition to Cricket Web family. This long awaited flash cricket game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end! Slog a six, perfectly time a cover drive for four or scamper through for a single, you can do it all in this new state of the art flash game. Take your favourite side for a test drive today!

Fantasy Cricket Fantasy Cricket

Over 150,000 teams and still growing! Find out why this competition is so popular and show everyone once and for all why you'd be the best selector in international cricket. Fantasy Cricket has competitions for all Test, ODI and Twenty20 series. Get involved!

Cricket Predictions Cricket Predictions

Test your skills by attempting to predict the various aspects of cricket matches. Try and lead yourself to glory and cement your place in history on the Predictions Hall of Fame board.

Other Games

CW Cricket Quiz CW Cricket Quiz

So you think you know your cricket? Try our great new quizzes. No matter what your interest in the greatest of all games we have a quiz to test your knowledge. In fact we currently have 14 quizzes for your enjoyment!

CW Cricket Hangman CW Cricket Hangman

Save the cricketer from his horrible fate by guessing the word before the hangman strikes! For each wrong guess, the cricketer approachs his terrible demise.

CW Cricket Memory CW Cricket Memory

Test your memory with this classic and reinvented board game. The aim is simple; match all the pictures of modern cricketing heroes, one by one. The catch is you can't have any two pictures showing at the same time. Your score is based on the level you play, the quicker you complete the board and how many mistakes you make.

CW Cricket Crosswords CW Cricket Crosswords

Do you have some spare time? We currently have 4 crosswords for you to immerse yourself in. We know they will be a challenge no matter what your understanding of cricket and we encourage you to study up!