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England v West Indies @ The Brit Oval, London
19, 20, 21 August 2004 (five-day match)

Toss: England (bat)
Umpires: DB Hair, RE Koertzen
Third Umpire: MR Benson
Match Referee: RS Madugalle
Match Result: England won by 10 wickets

1st Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Marcus Trescothickc Ramnaresh Sarwan b Fidel Edwards30781206-
2. Andrew Straussc Fidel Edwards b Jermaine Lawson1444752-
3. Robert Keyc Carlton Baugh b Dwayne Bravo1041481-
*4. Michael Vaughanc Brian Lara b Dwayne Bravo661181859-
5. Ian Bellc Carlton Baugh b Jermaine Lawson7013015310-
6. Andrew Flintoffc Jermaine Lawson b Fidel Edwards729912613-
+7. Geraint Jonesc Ramnaresh Sarwan b Corey Collymore2257853-
8. Ashley Gilesc Brian Lara b Dwayne Bravo52781058-
9. Matthew Hoggardc Sylvester Joseph b Jermaine Lawson3852967-
10. Steve Harmisonnot out 36274333
11. James Anderson b Chris Gayle1233401-

FOW 1-51 (Andrew Strauss), 2-64 (Marcus Trescothick), 3-64 (Robert Key), 4-210 (Ian Bell), 5-236 (Michael Vaughan), 6-313 (Geraint Jones), 7-321 (Andrew Flintoff), 8-408 (Ashley Giles), 9-410 (Matthew Hoggard), 470 (James Anderson).
Extras 5b, 21lb, 5w, 17nb, 0pen) 48
Total (for 10 wickets, 123.2 ovs, 544 mins) 470

Bowling O M R W Extras
Fidel Edwards194642 (2w,6nb)
Corey Collymore238581 (0w,4nb)
Jermaine Lawson2441153 (1w,4nb)
Dwayne Bravo2941173 (1w,3nb)
Dwayne Smith144500 (1w,0nb)
Chris Gayle7.22181 (0w,0nb)
Ramnaresh Sarwan70220 (0w,0nb)

2nd Innings

West Indies

    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Chris Gaylec Geraint Jones b Steve Harmison1220242-
2. Sylvester Josephc Ashley Giles b Steve Harmison923321-
3. Ramnaresh Sarwanc Andrew Strauss b Andrew Flintoff2821--
*4. Brian Larac Ian Bell b Steve Harmison799313214-
5. Shivnarine Chanderpaulc Robert Key b Matthew Hoggard1427342-
6. Dwayne Bravoc Geraint Jones b Steve Harmison1618323-
+7. Carlton Baughc Andrew Strauss b Steve Harmison61926--
8. Corey Collymorec Marcus Trescothick b Steve Harmison47121-
9. Fidel Edwardsrun out (Matthew Hoggard > > )0215--
10. Jermaine Lawsonnot out 344--
11. Dwayne Smithabsent hurt 0----

FOW 1-19 (Chris Gayle), 2-22 (Sylvester Joseph), 3-26 (Ramnaresh Sarwan), 4-54 (Shivnarine Chanderpaul), 5-101 (Dwayne Bravo), 6-118 (Carlton Baugh), 7-136 (Corey Collymore), 8-149 (Brian Lara), 9-152 (Fidel Edwards).
Extras 0b, 7lb, 0w, 0nb, 0pen) 7
Total (for 10 wickets, 36.5 ovs, 170 mins) 152

Bowling O M R W Extras
Matthew Hoggard92311 (0w,0nb)
Steve Harmison131466 (0w,0nb)
Andrew Flintoff81321 (0w,0nb)
James Anderson6.50360 (0w,0nb)

3rd Innings

West Indies

    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Chris Gaylec Andrew Flintoff b James Anderson10587133181
2. Sylvester Josephc Geraint Jones b Steve Harmison16264311
3. Ramnaresh Sarwanc Ian Bell b Steve Harmison711101-
*4. Brian Larac Marcus Trescothick b James Anderson1534401-
5. Dwayne Bravolbw b Matthew Hoggard5411715411-
6. Shivnarine Chanderpaulc Geraint Jones b Ashley Giles321111614-
7. Dwayne Smithc James Anderson b Andrew Flintoff28546431
+8. Carlton Baughc Geraint Jones b Steve Harmison3435536-
9. Corey Collymorec Geraint Jones b James Anderson72026--
10. Fidel Edwards b James Anderson2712--
11. Jermaine Lawsonnot out 4551-

FOW 1-73 (Sylvester Joseph), 2-81 (Ramnaresh Sarwan), 3-126 (Brian Lara), 4-155 (Chris Gayle), 5-237 (Dwayne Bravo), 6-265 (Shivnarine Chanderpaul), 7-285 (Dwayne Smith), 8-312 (Corey Collymore), 9-314 (Carlton Baugh), 318 (Fidel Edwards).
Extras 1b, 12lb, 0w, 1nb, 0pen) 14
Total (for 10 wickets, 84.2 ovs, 354 mins) 318

Bowling O M R W Extras
Matthew Hoggard125501 (0w,0nb)
Steve Harmison181753 (0w,0nb)
Ashley Giles225641 (0w,0nb)
Andrew Flintoff173641 (0w,1nb)
James Anderson15.22524 (0w,0nb)

4th Innings


    Runs Balls Mins 4s 6s
1. Marcus Trescothicknot out 4331-
2. Andrew Straussnot out 0-3--
3. Robert Key
*4. Michael Vaughan
5. Ian Bell
6. Andrew Flintoff
+7. Geraint Jones
8. Ashley Giles
9. Matthew Hoggard
10. Steve Harmison
11. James Anderson

Extras 0b, 0lb, 0w, 0nb, 0pen) 0
Total (for 0 wickets, 0.3 ovs, 3 mins) 4

Bowling O M R W Extras
Fidel Edwards0.3040 (0w,0nb)



Marcus Trescothick, Andrew Strauss, Robert Key, Michael Vaughan, Ian Bell, Andrew Flintoff, Geraint Jones, Ashley Giles, Matthew Hoggard, Steve Harmison, James Anderson

West Indies:

Chris Gayle, Sylvester Joseph, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Brian Lara, Dwayne Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Dwayne Smith, Carlton Baugh, Corey Collymore, Fidel Edwards, Jermaine Lawson