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View Poll Results: Run-outs - are they worth the risk

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  • Yes - they gain more runs and keep the fielding team on edge

    1 25.00%
  • No - they are not worth the extra runs and demoralize the batting side

    1 25.00%
  • Not sure

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Thread: Run-outs - are they worth the risk ?

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    Run-outs - are they worth the risk ?

    There have been quite a few run-outs in this WC

    Seems like the most of all the WC's, though I could be wrong.
    The 1st one had 4 IIRC in the final against Australia vs WIndies.

    The question is whether they are worth the risk

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    its a worthy question, they say never run on a misfiled and there are certain players you should never run on.. I supprose Martin Guptil can be added to that list.

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    No, not in India. Outfields are so fast, short boundaries. Sharp single is not worthy. If left and right hand batsmen on crease, then maybe considerable in attempt to annoy bowler.

    I think run-outs in this WC are not related to great fielding, just inability to handle pressure, bad judgement, confusions. Croud noise and shifting in batting order also plays role.
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    I think you have to be careful. Against weak fielding sides and if you know the weak fielders, it may be worth chancing a direct hit if you need to up the run rate. Obviously though unless you're Mike Hussey...
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    Everyone on here paid out the Dutch (and probably the other minnows) for not taking enough singles and creating too much unneeded pressure. Run outs happen, you're just noticing them now because it's not another meaninless ODI.

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    Give up runs IMO, just score boundaries.
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    Pat Symcox says yes.

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