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Thread: Clubs Press Releases

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    Re: Kent County Cricket Club : Media Release

    Originally posted by Rich2001
    having taken a combined 35 wickets in both forms (19 @ 21 OD s/r 22 & 15 @ 18 FD s/r 34)
    With addition like that, Surrey hope that someone other than Rich is compiling the final tables.
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    Re: Re: Kent County Cricket Club : Media Release

    Originally posted by marc71178
    With addition like that, Surrey hope that someone other than Rich is compiling the final tables.
    Hey that's not bad for nearly 2am and desprate to finish so I could go to bed, oh and talking to about 3 people at once on MSN

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    Icon1 Warwickshire CC Press Release.

    Warwickshire's season promised much, and delivered, but not really were it hoped.

    The one day season began with surprise wins over Tamil Nadu and Canterbury, followed by a beating of Surrey and Warwickshire's former manager. From there the team couldn't do a lot wrong. A further five wins came, with it came the division 3 title, and the first piece of silverware won by the club in WCC. No one saw it coming. At the start of the season the goal was to avoid relegation. We were pushed all the way by Tamil Nadu who must be congratulated in their efforts. The stand out player in the side was Paul Hitchcock, who picked up 25 wickets. Owen Hemp led the run scoring charts with 416 runs.

    We now head into division 2 where we will get to do battle with some of WCC bigger sides which promises to be a challenge. This season division 2 was quite strong, probably stronger than division 1. Hopefully it will get weaker.

    The four day game promised so much, yet delivered so little. Another season in division three awaits us. When looking back at what could have been the opening two games will been seen as where it was all lost. The game with Western Australia was tied and only 1 wicket was needed to beat Canterbury. That was 12 potential championship winning points that were blown. From there on we were playing catch up. With 3 rounds to go we moved within 5 points of Canterbury and I thought this was it, but we just couldn't make anything of it. In all only 4 games were won, not enough to win any division. But finishing only 10 points off the eventual winners Western Australia was a top effort. Our bowlers are the ones to thank for lifting us this close. Kevin took 57 wickets, Gregson 41 including a sensational 7/22. Hasnain (30) and Kaneria (32) did nothing wrong either. The batting just didn't fire. Howarth is better than the 721 runs he scored. Only Howarth, Sriram, Astle and Rowell averaged over 30, as an indication of the problems our batting faced.

    Division three awaits, with a highly anticipated clash with Western Province, revenge from the season 3 battles with Tasmania has to be taken and the sixth and seventh respective clashes for the Steve Prefotaine Trophy shall take place against Worcestershire. Again the team looks strong, but if it does the job this time around, is another question.

    ================================================== ========

    Warwickshires policy is concentrating on the four day side and to a degree on bringing youth into the side. The one day side will be made up from the draft. The four day side has again been improved.

    The batting looks even better than before. Daniel Howarth, S Sriram, and Tyrone Rowell have been retained, while they have been joined by awesome Indian batsmen VVS Laxman, Somerset rookie Upton Wilmott and former Warwickshire batsmen C Hemanath Kumar. Keeper Zak McDonald has been traded and South African keeper Mark Boucher will take his place in the four day line up. Its also well worth noting new rookies Malcolm and Wesley Jones have averages in the 20s, so the Warwickshire tail probably wont fold like it has the in the past. The batting line up avg wise looks like this; 53,55,59,52,46,45,37,28,23,13,12, which IMO, looks quite good.

    Bowling remains at about the same strength. Kaneria leaves the club having taken 82 wickets over the past two seasons. Hasnain has taken 66. I hope these two wont be missed, as their replacements are very promising rookies, but like all rookies they are untried and who knows how they'll go. The replacements are the Jones brothers, Malcolm and Wesley, both born in Jamaica like Upton Wilmott. Wesley is a very economical pace bowler, while Malcolm has the goods to tear apart any opposition with his awesome medium pace.

    In four day we have the side that can beat the likes of Western Province and Tasmania in the next seasons division 3 four day competition. However thats quite easy to say, actually doing it will be another matter.

    The one day side will include some top players in Howarth, Rowell, Wilmott, Gregson and Wesley Jones. But its filling in the gaps that is going to prove a challenge.
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    As Worcestershire manager I must admit I am delighted by our performance this season.

    Prior to the start of the season the bookmakers had us firm favourites to finish last in both 4D and 1D, despite my protests that our solid showing in season 3 demanded more respect. Hopefully by avoiding the play-offs in both forms of the game we have once and for all shaken off the tag of easy beats in Division 3.

    I must admit that in preparing my squad for the season ahead, I was well aware that we had shortcomings in our 1D batting that were going to be hard to overcome. I had full faith in our bowling attack, and our 4D batting looked stable, but our lack of quality 1D performers was a real concern.

    Praise must be heaped on one man in particular, Barry Akhil. Before the season started I informed Barry that we would be likely to put him in the draft unless he promised us to really concentrate on 1D batting. He was to take on a role batting at 3 or 4, where previously he had been seen as something of a bowling all-rounder. His commitment to the role was fantastic, we kept him at the club, and he ended up score 2 1D centuries for us and averaging 46. Also important were the contributions of Ronnie Irani and the unfortunately retired Simon Young.

    On the bowling side of things Jones, Irani (a terrific all round performer) and Wilson all did well. It was a very exciting one-day season where we exceeded expectations.

    In the 4D competition our expectations were higher and at one point we were aiming for promotion, but our dreams faded as we stumbled over the last few matches. Our bowling in 4D was excellent, Clark, Akhil, Jones, Irani, and Wilcox all averaging comfortably under 30. All in all our bowling efforts throughout the season were top class. Unfortunately our batsman stumbled somewhat, although the seaming conditions prevalent at New Road didn't help them much. Walker and Aftab Habib were our best performers, while Romesh Kaluwitharana managed one century in his final season. Rob Nichol also averaged above 30, one of only 3 batsmen to do so. Unfortunately our captain Brian Smith performed poorly throughout the season, and having started season 4 as our most senior batsman, may end up at a new team next season.

    Our prospects for next season are excellent, with Righton, Lowe, Andrews and Cope all first-rate youngsters who I expect to avoid the draft (although these decisions are yet to be made.) In season 4 we are aiming for the stars. 1st place in both forms of the game is our goal. We know we will be competitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thierry henry
    NB: Most first names made up (LOL)
    Lol simon young.... Shaun Young, he's actually played an ODI for Aus I believe a long time ago though now.
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    it was actually an Ashes test back in 1997 Andrew.....

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