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Thread: Playoff fixtures and relegation/promotion.

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    Playoff fixtures and relegation/promotion.

    Here are the play off fixtures for First Class and One Day. You will have until Thursday 14th of December (at 11.59pm) to submit your team. If you don't, you will automatically lose and be relegated, or not promoted.

    South Australia vs Western Province at ACT (5-4-4).
    Yorkshire vs Free State at Lancashire (5-6-5)

    Victoria vs Surrey at Queensland (6-5-5)
    Yorkshire vs Hampshire at Warwickshire (5-7-4)

    The FC matches will be timeless (AFAIK).

    In the highly unlikely event of a OD tie, we'll re-sim it (I think. Simon will have to confirm).

    Congratulations to the following teams!
    Division 1 First Class.
    Tamil Nadu. They've swept all before them to claim the Division 1 First Class title!
    ACT. They finished a somewhat distant 2nd to Tamil Nadu but still a fair way in front of third.
    Lancashire. A classy line up finished 3rd with daylight between them and 4th.

    Division 2 First Class.
    South Australia. Dominated Division 2 with ease. Star bowler T Binny destroyed all-comers and will be a hard team to beat in Division 1 next season.
    Kent. Rookie manager Nick Hancock turned this struggling outfit around and stormed home in second place.
    Yorkshire. Finished just behind Kent. Had one too many draws but a definite improvement on last season.

    Division 3 First Class.
    Colts. Were dominant in Division 3 and get a much deserved promotion, throwing off the label of "one day wonders."
    Victoria. Edged out Queensland for the promotion spot in Division 3 on the back of another excellent season by paceman Shane Harwood.
    Queensland. Finished in 3rd, just 3 points ahead of 4th and 4 points ahead of 5th in a tight finish. Will be looking to finish 1st next season.

    Division 1 One Day.
    Queensland. Lost only 2 one day matches to finish 4 points clear of second. A great performance from the highly fancied Queensland side to be Division 1 champions.
    Victoria. Continued their good one day campaign from last year in edging out the Colts. Harwood was once again the key.
    Colts. The team widely tipped to finish in 1st (and CW Bar Cup champions) shouldn't be disappointed in coming in 3rd in a highly competitive group. Will come back strong next season.

    Division 2 One Day.
    Warwickshire. Won this extremely tight division. Finished 2 points ahead of second and will be strong next year in division 1.
    Tasmania. CW Bar Cup finalists pipped out WP on NRR to finish second and gain promotion. The quiet team will be the dark horse in division 1 next season.
    Western Province. Another rookie manager finished the season on a high with a shot at promotion after a fine season. Was marginally beaten out of 2nd but managed to steal 3rd from Auckland thanks to NRR.

    Division 3 One Day.
    Hampshire. Started the season strongly but started to wane towards the end. Their attack is arguably the toughest in the entire competition, so watch out Division 2.
    Yorkshire. Scrambled into 2nd after a poor start to the season. Completely the opposite of Hampshire, as the bowlers struggled while the batsman flayed all attacks.
    Mashonaland. Will feel bitterly disappointed after missing out due to NRR. Tipping them to finish 1st next season, however, as this young Zimbabwe team is definitely going places.

    Automatically promoted
    First Class:
    From Division 2 to Division 1 - South Australia, Kent
    From Division 3 to Division 2 - Colts
    One Day:
    From Division 2 to Division 1 - Warwickshire, Tasmania
    From Division 3 to Division 2 - Hampshire

    Automatically relegated
    From Division 1 to Division 2 - Warwickshire, Northerns
    From Division 2 to Division 3 - Karachi
    One Day:
    From Division 1 to Division 2 - Surrey, Karachi
    From Division 2 to Division 3 - Lancashire

    Karachi will no doubt look to build a stronger side for season 8, while Northerns strong line up didn't keep them from being relegated.
    The mighty Mumbai must also be disappointed. The prolific WCC team of yesteryear finished last with a paltry 72 points in Division 3. One hopes they will be back to their winning ways next season.

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    Only club to win two cups this year, need i say more. The best side in WCC by a fair margin IMO.
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    Pfft, we have a strong side. Look how well we did in 2nd XI.
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    Great to be going into Division 1 OD, even if I'm probably going straight back down. Disappointed to have missed out for FC though, can't help but feel I threw it away somewhat after my strong start to the season.

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    Congratulations to all the winners. Hopefully Mumbai can do well in the next season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaminda_00
    Only club to win two cups this year, need i say more. The best side in WCC by a fair margin IMO.
    You can say whatever you want to say, Tharmi, doesn't mean I'll believe it. Next season, the CW Bar Cup is ours.
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    cant wait to add a few more trophies now
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    Warwickshire are very pleased with their OD efforts and very Disappointed with our FC games therefore we are OK.

    thanks for the lil write up
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    So ash chaulk is the first ever AFL Last Man Standing.

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    Btw Bring it on Yorks!!!

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    Any results yet.....
    yours in cricket

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    im hoping today, im going away tomorrow morning and im hoping i can get it out of the way before then...

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