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Thread: One Day Round 4 - Division 3

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    Your house

    One Day Round 4 - Division 3

    ROUND 4
    Surrey vs Tamil Nadu
    Worcestershire vs Warwickshire
    Canterbury vs Leicestershire

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    Eyes not spreadsheets marc71178's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    The newly named Surrey AA's side:

    V Mane
    M Slater
    P Wickarama
    U Parker
    J Wilkes
    I Javed
    T Petal
    A Puttick
    G Lambert
    A Agarkar
    M Shrinivas

    WK - Mane
    Captain - Agarkar
    marc71178 - President and founding member of AAAS - we don't only appreciate when he does well, but also when he's not quite so good!

    Anyone want to join the Society?

    Beware the evils of Kit-Kats - they're immoral apparently.

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    The usual side for me.

    M Sinclair
    W Jaffer
    S Chanderpaul
    E Flint
    C Gayle
    H Raza
    F White
    O Clarke
    C Liptrot
    K Mills
    D Fernando

    Keeper: M Sinclair
    Captain: S Chanderpaul

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