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Thread: Round One: CW Cup - 1st XI

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    Hall of Fame Member chaminda_00's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    Murali CG

    Round One: CW Cup - 1st XI

    WA (D3) vs SA (D2)
    TN (D1) vs Kent (D3)
    Titans (D3) vs Leicestershire (D2)
    WP Cobras (D2) vs Auckland (D2)
    Queensland (D1) vs Warwickshire (D1)
    Karachi (D3) vs FS Eagles (D3)
    Surrey (D2) vs Hampshire (D2)
    Lancashire (D3) vs ACT (D1)
    Due: Monday 27th August 6pm Sydney Time
    The man, the mountain, the Mathews. The greatest all rounder since Keith Miller. (Y)

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    International Regular DCC_legend's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Northern Ireland

    FS Eagles vs Karachi

    FS Eagles

    Y Snow +
    Z Court
    G Hay
    B Fenton
    W McPhee
    D Van Wyk (c)
    S Kroll
    T Kingham
    Z Ecclestone
    G Bateman
    F Mohammed

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend Matteh's Avatar
    Boredmeeting Champion!
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    Jul 2005

    V Mane +
    W Denny
    Z Keegan *
    D Page
    J Arlott
    K Khurram
    A Jones
    U Chandana
    B Edmonson
    I Ridding
    J Lawson
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    Hall of Fame Member chaminda_00's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    Murali CG

    1. R Paradkar (WK)
    2. D Cowe (C)
    3. D Jadhav
    4. U Saeed
    5. W Jefferson
    6. V Wadekar
    7. M Chapman
    8. J Coetzee
    9. R Browning
    10. O Henshaw
    11. B Guy

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    Hall of Fame Member chaminda_00's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    Murali CG
    Titans OD

    J Watambwa
    A Holland
    T Darden
    K Pietersen (capt)
    J Pierre
    D Dawson (wkt)
    M Vardhan
    S Shah
    U Indrasiri
    M Sharif
    B Jayasuria

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    State 12th Man tadeusz's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    Warnbro WA
    WP Cobras:
    H White
    A Naqvi (c)
    A Hossain (wk)
    E Tate
    Y Porter
    P Abid Ali
    G Shaw
    E Aitken
    I Chilvers
    L Dias
    N Rupasinghe
    What, me worry?
    Member of Colts - CW XI Dev League
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    One Day: 205 runs @ 22.78, 35 wickets @ 44.2
    T20: 27 runs @ 27, 10 wickets @ 28.2

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    International Regular oz_fan's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Sydney, Australia

    Lancashire 1st XI

    A Anderton
    M Aronstam
    B Anderson
    R Amjad
    H Midlane (c)
    R Sarwan
    M Salman (wk)
    M Warnpura
    A Arshad
    K Gangodwila
    A Freeman
    Member of CW Black
    Goalkeeper for the Northside Power
    NZI Manager in WCC

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    State Vice-Captain Dark Hunter's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    M Manhus
    J Cooke
    Y Youhanna (c)
    P Chawla
    S Dhawan
    B Haddin (wk)
    B Monaghan
    J Pradeep
    J Louw
    F Masood
    O Malone
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    International Vice-Captain Raghav's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Southern part of India
    Queensland XI

    B Khan
    D Bundela
    L Owen
    K van Wyk (Wk)
    H Gibbs (Captain)
    G Newlands
    J Hopes
    A Wascoroni
    P Sudesh
    K Ali
    R Curgenven

    Bowling Orders:
    R Curgenven
    K Ali
    P Sudesh
    A Wascoroni
    J Hopes
    Long Live Test Cricket

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    International Captain luffy's Avatar
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    Aug 2006

    1 O Cardew
    2 AB de Villiers (WK)
    3 S Yashpal (C)
    4 J Bray
    5 B Marshall
    6 E Howarth
    7 C Williams
    8 P Marlowe
    9 D Bent
    10 P Shelley
    11 G Goff

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    Cricket Web XI Moderator lord_of_darkness's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Auckland , New Zealand
    C Gayle
    A Chopra
    N Shetty
    S Pollard
    E Drake
    T Thomas +
    P Thompson
    S Bond
    G Aldridge
    N Hollins
    L Jewell
    Don L-o-d , Legion Of Doom

    Lords Lounge, Off Topic, The Happening Place in CW and OT.

    Co Chairman CWBCC - Cricketweb XI - CW Green | Manager of Hampshire CC - Wccc | Chairman of the Muralitharan Supporters Club ~MSC~ |

    Current Stats:
    2* - 17-4-35-3 - Season Ends..

    Current Record
    Batting - RHB: M:48 Inns:43 Runs:457 H/S:33* Ave:15.5 N.O:10
    Bowling - Off Spin: O:280 M:40 Runs:975 Wickets:104 Ave:9.3 S.R:15.6

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