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Why is the indian team not commenting?

Agent Nationaux

International Coach
I guess you are supporting India, so your treat if India wins 2moro. I would also like a first class ticket to Australia please from Heathrow. :)


International Debutant
All that free advertising in here was bound to attract at least one customer :ph34r:

I hope you had a good time there mate.


Virat Kohli (c)
Yeah man was great food.

Funny thing was I went with some family, and didn't even know it was yours until I clicked the link. I don't even live near that place, but some relatives do.

Awesome stuff.


International Debutant
Good to hear...
Well if you do come down for dinner anytime after July... I'm likely to be working there so do give us a shout.


Cricketer Of The Year
Damn, just surfed the site for that restaurant, the food looks delicious. Has my mouth watering. Wish I could come check it out.

Gonna' hit up an Indian restaurant tonight after seeing those pictures. Gotta' love the variety Indian food brings, just so much to choose from. Every region has its own flavour.
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