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'who is the best online' THE LEAGUE


Cricket Spectator
Hay guys:) ive been looking for players for my online league for just under a week now, i have allready got 10 players with 2 who are unsure so could be 8. im looking for about 15-20 players for a league and after the first season i will probably split it into two divisions of 8-10 if people want a second season.

If you are interested you require:-


if you require more information please see the cricketgames.com

I have got some quality teams who have entered from cricketgames.com with the likes of stryker ( young_lions ) StyleN Muzza and Ringaz Ride and the rest

p.s. how you doing bugssy?:) long time no see, i havent seen you on the cricketgames.com forum for a long while;)
wouldnt you be interested Bugssy - i know you put your name down when i said i was running one before?



Cricketer Of The Year
mate interested, what u want me to do. although i have not played icc2002 for a long time, i may have to work on getting a solid side i think!!!!!!


Cricket Spectator
do you have MSN messenger? if so i would require your adress so i could give you information etc...
It will be a league consisting of all the top players on cricketgames.com ( 8 players so far ) and cricketweb if others are interested. everyone plays everyone once and there are various rules for the competition:-

VOID GAME:- if a game is not completed by a set deadline = 1 point

Win Game:- 4 points

Win game by 10 wkts or 200 runs :- 2 bonus points.

win game by 8-9 wkts or 100 runs;- 1 bonus point

Tie/draw game :- 2 points.

If you disconnect in a game:- you loose the game with 0 points.

it will be a one day league of 50 overs.

If you are interested i would advise you to take a look at the cricketgames.com forum as i know you where a member there.

If you require more information - please dont hesitate to ask ;)