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What are your fave verbal spoken threats you've heard on the cricket field ?


Cricket Spectator
What are your 'favourite' serious or humourous verbal spoken threats you've heard being made out on the pro cricket playing field so far (while either seeing a match on TV, or in person) and who said it (as in a player making a verbal threat to another player, or a coach or ref making a verbal threat to a player, a coach, or vice versa).


Whatever it takes!!!
It was not exactly said on the field, but one of the most hilarious things that I have read was when Hayden claimed in his column in December that "someone like VVS Laxman is afraid of fast bowling" and then during February, he said that "This series might have the same effect on Laxman as the India series did for me and he will go on to become of the best players in the world."


International Regular
Definently this one.... For humours sake

"McGrath: So what does laras c*ck taste like?
Sarwan: Your wife would know
McGrath: If u ever f*cking metion my F*cking wife again i'll f*cking rip your f*cking throat out."