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Waqar Younis


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
You don't need to be a mind-reader to know, really. No bowler ever deliberately bowls a long-hop, or a half-volley on leg-stump, or any form of "bad" delivery. Or, if he does, he's very stupid.

Accuracy means ability to hit the spot you're attempting to hit. It does not mean percentage of deliveries on a line to hit the stumps.
Bowlers do bowl sucker balls occasionally after a lot of good ones to get wickets.


Cricket Web Staff Member
A "sucker ball" generally takes the form of a "carrot ball" though - something that's wide but not on a real full or short length, that tempts a batsman to go after it but with his hesitency causes a false stroke.

And of course a carrot ball works far, far less often than it doesn't. And in aiming for a carrot ball you can perfectly easily bowl a wide long-hop which will almost invariably get smashed.