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The Power of Hypocrisy - an anti BCCI rant

Sir Alex

BCCI the early adopters of this internet thing in 2009. Clearly not getting enough credit.

Their Cricket Information Management System is looking forward to 1998. Not quite as exciting as the excitement soon to be promised by the Gujarat cricket association tho. Obviously they are promising more excitement, which will be hard to handle..the webpage they have now is already pushing the limit of excitedness.

And for the record, I'm not judging the organization by its website. The website is far superior to the organization.


International 12th Man
They already have a functional website which serves their need. Dunno the need for a seperate site really.
What a BCCI site could or should have, other than mug shots of its illustrious leaders, is data about Indian domestic cricket. Perhaps even live internet video feeds or at least highlight clips.

Ranji, Duleep etc might get more attention than they do now, and this falls exclusively in BCCI's bailiwick.(And while we're talking of Ranji etc, I don't get why they don't fill the stadia with field trips/picnics from schools at no charge.)