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Shane Warne Declares hes not going to Pakistan!!!!!


Cricketer Of The Year
Shane Warne is the 1st of the Australian side to declare he will definatley not be touring Pakistan later in the year.....
Warne has stated that family is to important to him and that he would not be taking the risk of going to Pakistan, IMOP he is just the 1st in a long line who will decide not to tour.......


International Debutant
Yea, sounds pretty sensible to me, given that if the Black caps left that hotel 2 minutes later they'd all be dead.


Cricket Web XI Moderator
they could hold the games somewher eelse

so that the pcb dont go into a loss ! or make the security a lot more tighter


International Debutant
I really don't think the security could get tighter, you jst can't guard against stuff like suicide bombers. Pakistan is just gonna have to wait until things settle down, they could go somewhere neutral but how does that stop the pcb going into a loss- how can they take the money from a neutral place.

Paid The Umpire

All Time Legend
The big question is...

Q. Where is the suicide bomber fielding?

A. A leg at FINE LEG
An arm at POINT
His chest at MID WICKET
And his head is behind the keeper in a helmet!

Umpire Money

State Vice-Captain
Dont laugh its true I will be selected and we will walk away into our dressing room with a big loud .......bomb

Drop the whole side and just let me play

Bring it 8D 8D


Fishing na na na na fishing


International Debutant
OK then, off you trot to Pakistan.
You might need to take a few mates cos I can't see tom many of the players wanting to go.

Paid The Umpire

All Time Legend
I'll go!

Because those darn Pakistanies are getting too ****y!!!!!!!
Go the Kingsley-Woodvale H-Grade team (defeator of Tassie)


Cricketer Of The Year
i think u will find that the tour will be sent elsewhere like australia or somewhere or it will be just called off.if i had to make a decision i would definately put my health and familt first before touring to a country where school education is how to strap a bomb to u and walk into a hotel or a night club.

just my opinion.


Cricketer Of The Year
ROFLMAO @ Bugz.... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I heard today that the 3 options are Bangladesh, Sharjah, and Morocco.....
theyr'e saying the top chance is Morrocco....