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Rugby World Cup trivia


Hall of Fame Member
I'll set the ball rolling. The person with the correct answer puts up the next question, unless they want to pass on that option.

Who was the player from a Home Nations team who played in both the 1987 and 1999 Rugby World Cups (but not the ones inbetween)?


I can only think of rank obvious ones just now. Anyway:

I set a world cup (& world) record on my international debut. Who am I?


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Ieuan Evans. For those who don't know about my lack of rugby knowledge, I will be answering Ieuan Evans for every question that I choose to reply to in the off-chance that this will be the correct answer


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
That's the fella. 45 points (IIRC) on his first test appearance, which is a record that still stands. His 20 conversions is probably still a record too.

You're up. :)
Didn't think it was his first apperance TBH. I have a pretty easy one here.

Who has scored the most points for the All Blacks in World Cup matches?