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Round 4 One Day Teams Div 3

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U19 Vice-Captain
Karnataka Team

AV Kale(c)
C Gayle
G Smith
K Rangnekar
T Naidu(wk)
G Rowell
B Rowland
A Jones
J Moss
MA Khan
K Ali


Cricket Web XI Moderator
Unchanged team Hamps after the O.D win last to last week

S.Bin Nasir
I. Ul Haq ( Captain )
E Flint
R Turner ( Keeper )
C Tremlett
S Macgill
J Dawes
M Sigera


International Captain

1. D.Anderson
2. G.Ali
3. M.Masroor
4. D.Howarth
5. Z.McDonald (WK)
6. J.Hockley
7. M.Ealham
8. A.Giles (Captain)
9. B.Gregson
10. D.Kaneria
11. J.Lawson

"We're not expecting anything special this week. With the injury to Andre, the bowling attack, and the batting line up wont be at its strongest. I'm hoping for the best and I'm sure the team will it 110%".


International Vice-Captain
Province Side to travel to Swansea
1. M Richardson
2. R Llewellyn
3. F Rickman
4. A Prince (wk)
5. N McKenzie
6. V Laxman
7. R Irani (c)
8. G Yates
9. I Nelson
10. R Telemachus
11. K Hogg


Cricket Spectator
Glamorgan team will be

S Ganguly*
M Powell
O Hemp
A Dale
D Hemp
S Dinge (wk)
K Upshantha
P Jones
M Black
O Parkin
D Tuffey

thierry henry

Cricketer Of The Year
Here's Worcestershire, ready for another whooping:(

S Young
B Smith
S Ramesh
G Flower*
M Robinson
B Akhil
P Burley
R Kaluwitharana (wk)
N Boje
A Wharf
J Anderson
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