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Road to the 2019 Ashes


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Kidding right.

Also Trav is absolutely set. The only place that should be up for grabs is Warner's opening partner. Personally feel Harris would go better than Burns despite joe's century in the most recent game
Not so much kidding as going a bit too far because it was the only way I could think of to escalate


The normal awards that everyone else has
Harris has exactly the same technical flaws (how many times has he been caught slashing at wide balls without moving his feet?) and he opens, but you blokes want to retain him.

Cod ordinary.
Head averaged mid 30s in the Shield this season, batting middle order. Harris averaged 70, opening.

Also think Harris will do all the better for having Warner and Smith's experience back in the mix.


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You do have half a point about Head this season, wasn't as good as he would have liked.

But speaking more broadly, Head's career FC average is weighed down by his first couple of seasons, he was tossed in the deep end in a seriously ordinary batting lineup. The raw numbers most certainly do not tell the story.


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"The England and Wales Cricket Board has confirmed that this year’s Tests will be played using a more bowler-friendly ball, one different to the county cricket model, with manufacturer Dukes asked to produce a new batch to the same specifications used in 2018.

It will be a popular decision with Jimmy Anderson, Stuart Broad, and the rest of England’s fast bowlers since the 2018 ball had a more pronounced seam. It might not go down quite so well with their batsmen, or Australia’s, since last season was one of the most difficult for Test batting since the turn of the century."



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Don't mind the decision but the fair contest justification is literally unbelievable.

aussie tragic

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So does anyone know how the Australia A vs Australia XI game on 23-26 July will be picked?

As they won't name the ashes squad until after this game, I'm assuming they'll pick Australia A from the Australia A squad (even though Paine, Head, Patterson and Hazlewood are likely locks for the 1st Test). I then assume they'll pick the Australia XI from the WC squad and the County players. This may then look something like:

Australia A
1. Harris
2. Patterson
3. Pucovski
4. Handscomb
5. Head
6. Wade
7. Paine (+) (c)
8. Pattinson
9. J. Richardson
10. Hazlewood
11. Holland
12. M. Marsh

A squad reserves: Neser, Tremain, Bird

Australia XII
1. Warner
2. Bancroft (county)
3. Burns (county)
4. Khawaja
5. Smith
6. Stoinis
7. Carey (+)
8. Cummins
9. Starc
10. Siddle (county)
11. Lyon
12. Maxwell

WC squad discards: S. Marsh, Finch, Zampa, Behrandorff, K. Richardson, Coulter-Nile

Note: 12th man and #6 are interchangeable in both squads

aussie tragic

International Captain
Bancroft, Burns, Remshaw, Labuschagne and Siddle all playing county today.

Anyone else have any thoughts about why Bancroft (as captain) is batting himself at #3 for Durham instead of opening? He had to come in during the 2nd over anyway but I thought he'd be looking to show form as an opener?

aussie tragic

International Captain
As the incumbant Test #3, Labuschagne now has county scores of 121, 27*, 0, 128*

He does appear to have batted on roads so far though as only 19 wkts fell for 1390 runs in first game and currently 20-1072 in this game.


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As the incumbant Test #3, Labuschagne now has county scores of 121, 27*, 0, 128*

He does appear to have batted on roads so far though as only 19 wkts fell for 1390 runs in first game and currently 20-1072 in this game.
clever from the poms. Prepare roads for the crap aussie batters and probably green tops for the good ones to trick us into picking awful hacks like Labushagme for the Ashes


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Impressive from Marnus, as mentioned the pitch was pretty flat but he is certainly not the muppet some say he is. Wouldn't pick him in the Ashes squad at this stage, but I can certainly think of worse options

aussie tragic

International Captain
So Harris has jumped to the top of the queue to partner Warner purely by not playing county cricket.

Bancroft - 2G, 4 inn, 0 no, 150 runs @ 37.50, HS 70 (1 fifty)

Renshaw - 3G, 6 inn, 1 no, 118 runs @ 23.60, HS 48*

Burns - 1G, 1 inn, 0 no, 10 runs @ 10.00, HS 10

Labuschagne - 2G, 4 inn, 1 no, 285 runs @ 95.00, HS 137 (2 centuries), 4 wkts @ 48.50