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Quickest 50?

Mr Mxyzptlk

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For me,
15 balls unbeaten, including the winning runs.

Short boundaries and wayward bowling...


State Captain
Off 17 odd balls with 5 sixes. The boundary was the garden fence so it was at a small distance although I hit one way over the gate and across the street over the next compound wall and another up to the 6th storey of a building. :cool:

Dark Hunter

State Vice-Captain
It was quite fun seeing the look on Dylans face. I was lucky too, 6 and out over the fence but it was 6 and not out if you hit the top half of the fence. Perfection hitting! Brought up the fifty and my wicket with a mi**** over 2 houses. if it weren't for that, we would be posting 100 of 18 balls!

bhooth nath

School Boy/Girl Captain
6 balls. not strange, but there was a rule to get 12 runs provided you hit it in the max zone. i hit 3 maxes (36 runs), 1 max 4 (8 runs) and 1 six. 1 ball i missed out.