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Questions about academy players and the draft.


3rd Umpire
1. Are there any more academy rounds being
played before the draft? If so, how many?

2. When the draft list is drawn up, will the
academy players have the same set of stats
as the released players so that
comparisons can be made?


Cricketer Of The Year
There was 1 round sent out 2day there will also be one with this weekends games and 1 next weekend...

Yeah all stats will be their updated Stats


3rd Umpire
When will we find out the ages of the academy players?
Sorry GB as I know you do heaps, but I'm just curious.


Cricketer Of The Year
Ages will hopefully be released friday,
i am off work on Friday so i will endeavour to get all the info everyone wants by the weekend...

:D :D :D


Cricketer Of The Year
Name Age
S Graham 18
R Stratton 18
B Allen 18
J Lawson 18
Z Faisca 18
K Baumgarner 18
Z Kartik 18
A Jones 18
W Tendulkar 18
F Akram 18
W Singh 18
W Anderson 18
I Ford 18
K Lightner 18
A Schiller 18
B Samuels 18
S Hutton 18
F Smith 18
T Darden 18
I Saunders 18
M Jenkins 18
P Peters 18
H Masakadza 19
N Peng 20
Y Singh 21
J Rudolph 21
J Foster 22
S Afridi 22
A Razzaq 23
V Shewag 24
L Vincent 24
S Harmison 24
M Ntini 25
K Sangakarra 25
K Mashud 26
M Black 26
M Boucher 26
A Adams 27
M Sinclair 27
S Akhtar 27
M Dillon 27
S Chanderpaul 27
VVS Laxman 28
H Streak 28
S Fleming 29
N Boje 29
S Ganguly 30
S Carlisle 30
M Muralitharan 30
W Younis 31
R Irani 31
M Richardson 31
L Klusener 31
I Ul-Haq 32
G Flower 32
M Attapattu 32
J Rhodes 33
S Jayasuria 33
N Hussain 34
A Islam 34
S Anwar 34
R Jacobs 34
C Hooper 35
A Donald 36


Cricketer Of The Year
well i was bored at work so i got it done, 1 less thing to do 2morrow...

I will have 68 games to sim 2morrow alone...

Plus the CA Cupo final...

So among other things i will be very very busy....
:D :D :D :D