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Pool D - England, Argentina, Japan, Samoa, Chile

Who will qualify from the group?

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Tom Flint

International Regular
Pretty horrific stuff from England. Borthwick needs to make a decision on Ford or Farrell, but it can't be both. To be honest, against Fiji I'd go Farrell as there's no doubt Ford will be targeted from a defensive point of view.

Just some weird stuff form the TMO all round last night. Not sure if one side really benefitted over another, looked like a clear knock on for the first Samoan try which was never checked. Maybe that's why they overly checked the one which got chalked off.

That 7 min scrum period was one of the most frustrating periods of rugby I've seen in a long time, and I got grief from the wife for shouting at the screen!!
I wouldn't mind Ford getting targeted by Fiji, encourage them to do it and wait for the multiple yellows and reds.

Chin Music

U19 Captain
I spent most of Saturday's game absolutely tearing into Farrell, because nearly everything he did turned to dust, long before his gormless, time oblivious kick that wasn't. His use of the ball was horrendous and I was hoping that the Samoans left one on him that would take him out of the tournament. That is more likely than bloody Borthwick dropping him.