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Pool C - New Zealand, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Scotland


Cricket Web Owner
Haha, we've clearly got the easiest group.

Will be a shame to see one of France, Argentina, Ireland go out in the group stage :(


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
We should go through without any hiccups, all of our games will be won by at least 50 points.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Can only see Italy coming within 30 points of the All Blacks.
Can't see any of them doing it myself. Even with the weaker sides that we will field during the group stages, we will still be too strong.


World Traveller
IIRC I think Romania is the only side New Zealand hasn't put up a half century - to a century up against, mind you that was in the 70's IIRC.

(I could be wrong because I read that the best part of ten years ago)

And shouldn't we give Richie McCaw the option to declare at anytime against Portugal, because I have a feeling they will do the Portugese what the AB's did to Japan in 1995 and Australia to Nambia last time around.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
The year was 1981 and Andy Dalton lead the All Blacks out infront of 30,000 screaming fans in Bucharest. The game was tight at halftime and nothing could seperate the teams, but in the end the All Blacks pulled away to win 14-6 in the only encounter they have ever had with Romania.


International Vice-Captain
I agree with Ohtani, this isn't going to help the ABs, never has. Its going to be carnage, and then I wonder, just wonder how they will front up in the finals.


International Captain
All Blacks will get through no problem, will it be a help to them? We will have to wait and see. I think Italy are in with a good chance of making it through.. I hope they do anyway :D