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Parthiv Patel

Do u think Parthiv is a rising star

  • yes

    Votes: 9 45.0%
  • no

    Votes: 8 40.0%
  • who is he

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • yes he is the best...

    Votes: 3 15.0%

  • Total voters

Mia 911

Cricket Spectator
True but he is fab now... imagine what he will be like in 5 years time... i like watching him play


U19 Vice-Captain
Welcome Mia 911,

He needs to play more international games to gain experience and he did miss some stumpings here in Australia.

So IMO he needs to keep on working on his wicket keeping and then he may turn out to be a good player in years to come.


State Regular
Parthiv Patel is pretty **** to be honest.

Someone like him who drops at least 2 catches a Test, and 3 of 4 stumpings shouldn't be even rated like you do.

Brendon McCullum has done far more in his career compared to Patel.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
How many international teams would Parthiv Patel make at the moment? Maybe Bangladesh if you consider them international standard? He may become better later but right now, I dont rate him highly at all. Go back to Ranji games kiddo.


World Traveller
Such as? Dasgupta never rated him. Ratra? Scored a ton on such a good wicket even Neil would of scored runs on:O


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Craig said:
Such as? Dasgupta never rated him. Ratra? Scored a ton on such a good wicket even Neil would of scored runs on:O
If Ratra n Dasgupta arent great, doesnt mean Patel is good too.

There was Mongia earlier. Ok if Ganguly has issues with him, you had Dighe not long ago who was a pretty handy batsman too (opening for Mumbai on occasions isnt some thing every other wicket keeper would get to, atleast Dasgupta wont!)

There are 28-29 teams in India. I am sure we can find a keeper who can 'keep'

Mia 911

Cricket Spectator
for Pratyush

I am sick of hearing all about your dislike for Parthiv Patel... He is a good player and can only get better... i rather watch him play than Brett Lee and i am an aussie chick... I can't stand Brett Lee... Parthiv has potential, you must be pretty thick if you cant see that... he'll get better you wait and see.. he is a better keeper than Dravid and at least Parthiv doesn't tamper with the ball...:!(


International Captain
I guess Indian board is adapting the same technique which Pakistani matches board has . I mean letting very very young players to play a few matches on international level then bringing another one then so on . I think its good in one way that when they will mature then may be can perform even better . And drawbacks are it is risky to have them in the team Dont know when they are gonna do any blunder .. Example ,,,Yasir Hameed ,Imran Farhat performmed absolutely good but they were flops in KiWI Odis. Cuz when a player is new then the opponents dont know what planning should be done to deal with him . So that youngster is gonna be a big hit initiallY (if he hasnt got a major drawback). Then when the youngster thinks he is established then the other opponent teams pick up the drawbacks or the weak points of that certain player . Then that player is dropped and dropped for a long time . And afterwards if some one hasnt become an established member then he can be recalled and players who have improved their techniques become solid members otherwise they are kicked out . I have no comments about Prathiv PAtel . Only time can tell ...

Mia 911

Cricket Spectator
IN the long run India are going to be more successfull because they ARE a younger team... AUstralia is pretty old and we are going to have to start bringing in the youngen... fair enough we have Michael Clark and Ian Harvy, but india has younger ones they are going to have a strong team settled for the long run ans in five or ten years we are going to have to get a new team because our players are going to be OLD!!!
The problem with that theory Mia is that you want to blood players now for the future.. What about in 5 years time when Clarke and Watson are 28? Kick them out because there's younger players we need to blood for the future? Ideally what we want is a good cricket team at all times, not always looking at the future because if you're always looking ahead then it never comes. Fair enough if we want to extend the longevity of our success but it should not be to the detriment of current performances. There's no reason to kick Matthew Hayden out just yet because some 20 year old guy looks like he'll be ok in a few years. Let the players play in their prime, let the guys who need to mature do that and make success a constant thing.

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Ged's right - pick the young player when he's better than the old player and no earlier - even if he is MJ Clarke ;)


welcome to the boards mia, hope you have a fun time

as for parthiv, I can't say I rate him highly just yet. He's got a lot of work to do. He's got to mature as a player. But the good thing is if a player is below 23 (parthiv's 18), there is still a LOT of time to work on the game and get better. So I'm sure Parthiv will get very good at both keeping and batting. But I feel it will take like 2 years for that to happen. And once that happens, he's got a chance to be a great star.

having said this, I do rate him higher than ratra and dasgupta. So there's no chance of either of them replacing him.


State Regular
It's a joke how you can rate Patel.

His performances in Australia was apalling. Dropped too many catches and wasted too any stumping opportunites.

He's terrible.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Personally I think it's strange that no-one can see Patel's abilities for what I do.
I think he's an average Test player - he could improve with the gloves and he's an OK batsman. But I certainly don't think he's a potential superstar and nor do I think he's as rubbish as I thought Dasgupta and Ratra were when I saw them.