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Official Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh Feb 2020


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The most phemominul part of his record is at home. All 9 tons in 23 matches. 0 away in 17.

58.63 vs. 22.30
A bit of a microcosm of the team in recent years, really. 22.30 is probably about average for a Bangladesh batsman away from home.


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Poor Abu picks up four then doesn’t get to do what he’s best at - open the bowling.


Cricketer Of The Year
Oof, Nayeem Hasan certainly poured a few litres cold water on Zimbabwe's nightwatchman tactics. Zim are going to need something really special to get out of this one.


Cricketer Of The Year
Gotta admit Mominul's 132 was a pretty important innings as far as his career trajectory goes. Here's hoping he has a massive year.


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I like the look of Nayeem. Much needed with for BD too.

Actually looking forward to the T20Is more - they should be settling on a combination for the WC right about now