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*Official* NP Cricket Simulator: Updated Version (16-04-2020)


International Debutant
neil ill help all u gotta do is tell me what to do and ill have it in a second for ya:duh: :) :D :lol: :saint: :rolleyes: :duh:

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
It's being written in ObjectPascal via Delphi 3.

David - once my exams are over (i.e. tomorrow), I intend to put the final bug-fixes on 2002 and then get round to making a decent effort with 2006. Photos are always good, and somewhere slightly more exotic than the back end of Cleethorpes Yacht Club would be nice :)

As things stand, it looks too much like a second-rate ITC/ICC clone so I'm looking at, well, totally overhauling the interface.


International Debutant
Wish List

Neil, I would like to see the option of keeping up to the stumps against Medium or Medium Quick bowlers, with the risk of injury if you keep up against Quickies. This would probably be near on impossible, but you seem like a genius so...:()

Tom Halsey

International Coach
Any updates as to how it is coming along?

I can't wait for the back end of 2008, when you promised it would be out. ;)


International Regular
one more thing neil...I want to help make the database for the game but the editor is not working...I can work on the indian and some other teams


International Regular
also neil how about adding sound files for the players? so like when you select a player it will say their name

Mr. P

International Vice-Captain
I think will all eagerly anticipate Beach Cricket 2006, it sounds absolutely awesome:D

Also Neil don't make it so people have to pay, and if so CW members get it for free!:)

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Right, time for a latest screenie:

No comments about the realism please, the match engine currently consists of each ball having either 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 runs generated from it, with no potential to get out. I'm just exploring the stats/figures generation and structure :)