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*Official* NP Cricket Simulator: Updated Version (16-04-2020)

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
From those shots it's clear to see that the program's not reading the data files at all.

How much is there inside the "data" folder?

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Exactly as it should be... I'm baffled by that.

Try extracting to a different folder - like C:\BC2006\ perhaps - it's written in a nine-year-old language so it may be struggling with the length of that directory name.


International Regular
Has any thought been put in for simulating test matches/2 innings per side games??


International Regular
i take it there is no mac version of this game coz it looks amazin?

im at a disadvantage when it comes to games :(


International Captain
Itt's not working with me either. It's doing the same thing that was happening to Josh.


Was sifting through my old downloaded CW Grade Cricket scorecards from season X the other day. Was blinded by the bright blue html outputs, perhaps a tip for your next update.

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Right. Christmas Holidays. Bored. Time to make some more progress with this.

Had a play last night and was quite shocked by how good this felt in places! My feelings at present are that as a pure simulation it is quite efficient and gives realistic results for games < 50 overs in length on grounds that are "flat" - the boundaries of what makes something easy and difficult to bat on are not quite as well defined as perhaps they ought to be.

There is a question mark over the bowling changes for the most part which corrupts the averages produced in "world series mode" by bringing part timers on at the death.

Will be changing the colour scheme for the scorecards - suggestions appreciated - and doing some further analysis into defending totals and chasing totals by ground - there will be an upgrade to the stats package to serve this purpose.

I would really appreciate a bit of research from others into what works and what doesn't regarding pitches: the four blank pitches in the demo at present represent difficult to bat on (Edgbaston), flat (Gaddafi), turner (Wankhede) and green (Basin).

They give extreme results: finding the "right balance" would be awesome - then I can enter management mode.

EDIT: As Hakon pointed out, I brilliantly uploaded an ancient version... changed now...


Last edited:

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Cheers Neil :)

I think either the program or the database is outdated though. The database has two extra fields which throws the whole thing off (as it is assumed when reading from file that each player has 23 fields, when in actual fact he has 25 in the database)

Would also appreciate a function to convert averages to simming data, so that setting up a database won't take millions of years.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
For the scorecard colours, I find that a navy/dark blue background with white or light grey text is aesthetically pleasing.