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***Official New Zealand in India Nov-Dec 2021 Thread***


International Vice-Captain
Well played Rachin, amazing temperament. Shout out to Ajaz and Somerville too, ended up contributing after all. Excellent show once again by India’s spinners, showed how to bowl on a pitch where you needed to work for wickets.

That said, worries for both sides on the batting front. Kohli returning will no doubt help the batting, but Pujara/Rahane must be on thin ice. Agrawal not kicking on either. Shreyas no doubt a huge plus.

For NZ, after Kane no one in the lineup seems to have scoring options against the spinners (barring Ravindra perhaps). Need the bowling unit to bring it once again in Mumbai, but I guess will take 0-0 for now!


International Vice-Captain
****... We drew .... Gave up and slept as soon as Kane got out. Thought I'll check what the heck. Did I miss the best test match in India from us ever? Jazzy and Rachin...


International Vice-Captain
Yet another compliment to Kane, steady and go for picking Rachin.

Not so good Doull and the other pundits. They didn't even know probably Rachin can bat.

It's going to be a super tough choice to pick the team next time. Conway is going to be back too, Youngy is looking million dollars. Who wants to be Kane?


Wow what the heck did I come back to?

Good work from both teams. Tough old game, with India resting batsmen and Ashwin + friends not finding the fizz they would like until the very end.

Good from NZ too, given they had no warm up and are missing their second most talented batsman through injury. Somerville and Ajaz look exactly like bowlers who haven't bowled red ball since March (well June in Ajaz's case). They have credit in the bank here with wins in the UAE and SL, and Ajaz contributed solidly to NZ A crushing England in the second test over there, so while I did feel grinchy earlier I think we still need to keep an open mind going into the second test. If it's a bunsen they play, if it's like this deck Wagner plays.

How ****ing good were Southee and KJ? Mammoth performances from both on a deck offering nothing. Southee could not have done this in 2016, and it was nice to see the Cheat Code following India to where they thought they were safe.


School Boy/Girl Captain
good performance from ravindra and Patel at the end.They handled the pressure of 1.3 billion people too (as in every post cricket fan of India mention while judging a Indian player??) and that should make it even better performance .


It's going to be a super tough choice to pick the team next time. Conway is going to be back too, Youngy is looking million dollars. Who wants to be Kane?
Wait what, Devon's back?

And I think it's pretty obvious both Conway and Young are in our top 5 best batsmen, but you're not dropping the senior pro at 37 before his glorious exit in front of a home crowd and Nicholls deserves more rope.

Ravindra is such an important cricketer for this squad. If or when he arrives with the bat he will take over 5th bowler and SENA spin duties and likely open too, allowing Conway to slide to the middle order and both Young and Nicholls to play once Taylor hangs up the boots.


U19 Cricketer
Cw has been tracking Rachin on this site since when ? 2014?
He finally debuted and the kid did good :)

Shout out to India for the spirit they played the game in. Hard fair and like gentlemen . Both these teams like each other and I predict there will be a BBQ at Ishant Sharmas house tomorrow night for both teams. Joke but probably true.