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***Official New Zealand in India Nov-Dec 2021 Thread***


International Vice-Captain
Looks like no one cares. I'm not sure I'll be catching much either. The t20s starts at like 2.30 am. Can't wait for the test matches. Perfect start time for us in NZ, 5 pm start.

Just read Jamieson is not going to be playing the t20s. By the time the series finishes we'll probably have Latham, jazzy etc in the T20 side


International Vice-Captain
I barely caught the t20 world cup live other than watching rerun first thing after waking up. Kept away from these forums, cricinfo etc.. just so that I didn't know the result. It worked. I'll do that likewise for this series. Not enough carrot to wake up and watch at odd hours.

I can't even guess our side to be honest. I think one or two players will find it hard to pull up today. We now have 13 men squad and will have to borrow players from test squad to run drinks.

I'm guessing our line up will be

T Astle

We have Lockie and Milne in the sidelines... If one of these two play either Sodhi or Astle will have to go out.


International Vice-Captain
It is madness that Jamieson doesnt play the first T20 while both test and T20 squads all in Jaipur, then he can stay with test squad while the T20 guys move on.

I mean, it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things, hes not actually particularly good at T20 and the series doesn't matter much. But, just give the guy an actual game. Just weird resource management.


International Vice-Captain
I guess that's because our guys are taking the test series seriously. Looks like there's lot of travel involved. If Jamieson is going to have to play two test matches it makes sense to rest him up and keep him fresh. We don't lack fast bowling options but the batting looks quite thin. They should rest up Phillips and play Latham instead. Likely Phillips will get a go at test matches. To be honest the scheduling is just not right, both for India and our boys. I really don't know how the ones that played the world cup can pull up all right this quickly.

straw man

Hall of Fame Member
Mmmm nah not going to stay up late for this one. I expect some amusement from the highlights in the morning ?


I spent months accepting we'll get absolutely smoked by Ashwin on this tour and I was fine with it but now that they're resting players I want us to smash the disrespectful ****s 2-0.

Unfortunately that relies on a team missing Conway and the option of Boult, Taylor hasn't had a bat since the WTC final, Somerville hasn't had a bowl since last season and Ajaz hasn't played first class all season.

If India really are as fatigued as they claim then this could be a real cripple fight tbh, but I expect them to still win comfortably and be fittingly obnoxious about it.

Also throwing out the dream team of Shastri and Kohli isn't fair.


Whatever it takes!!!
Well, India finally had to figure out that the secret sauce to beating Mr. Nice Guy KW was to bring in an even nicer guy in the team set up.


likes this
How crazy is it that on Sunday NZ were playing a world cup final in Dubai, and now on Wednesday they're in Jaipur for the start of a T20I series.



International Vice-Captain
Ravindra called up? Interesting.

Chapman definitely looking like a guy who’s had no time in the middle. Hope he can find his groove this series.


International Captain
Have to admit....this Indian bowling, off late, has been far from threatening and doesn't instill any confidence.

Ever since the kulcha experiment failed spin bowling has gone off track. Bhuvi isn't the same he used to be. Bumrah is overcooked and no other seamer has been consistently good.


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Chapman is good enough to make a 100 here.
But this pitch is a batting paradise, it seems. India has enough firepower to chase down whatever NZ put up.


International Vice-Captain
Nice maiden 50 for NZ (?) from Chapman, if not a flawless innings. Though look at Axar struggling to grip the ball that over, won't be ideal for NZ defending.