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*Official* Match 11 - India v England

Who will win the match?

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International Coach
Jeez.. that was a great game wasn't able to watch it live but really enjoyed the highlights, think both teams can be proud of themselves for producing a game like that and England in particular would take a lot of confidence from this.

As for India what we all knew is coming true, the batting is shredding the opposition teams but the powederpuff bowling attack in the first two games has gone onto prove that pretty much any target is chaseble against this Indian attack and England's batting effort is something that would give a lot of confidence to the other teams as well when they come up against this Indian side.


Hall of Fame Member
Lol, where did I say we didn't stuff up?

The bottom of your post is typical cheerleading where if I accuse England of something negative you must respond with an attack on India, but I never denied India choked near the end. And I've given heaps of credit to England in this thread. But when a team calls a powerplay 2 wickets down and then loses 5 wickets for less than 10 runs it's a choke. People can say the word is overused, but that doesn't mean that when it actually happens, it isn't accurate to suggest as much.
Yeah, and I disagree. With Strauss and Bell batting you were basically one wicket away from our tail which starts at 5 basically.
Collingwood, Prior and Yardy basically can not be relied upon to score runs.
Just read back through the thread at the number of people who expected England not to win once Strauss got out.


Whatever it takes!!!
Strauss and Bell got good balls. Colly hasn't scored runs in centuries, Prior's a gash ODI batsman and Yardy's having nosebleeds at 7. We made 338 with 4 batsmen basically and nobody had given us a chance in doing so.
We were always only one wicket away from crumbling.
You bottled defending 338 in your own country and couldn't even manage to keep us below 28 from the final two overs bowling to our numbers 8, 9 and 10.
At least we haven't lost to Ireland.. :laugh:

yet :ph34r: