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***Official*** India in South Africa 2021-22


Whatever it takes!!!

He'll be ruined. He is a good red-ball cricket prospect, but totally not suited for LO games.
He made his name and fame in the VHT. So makes sense to try him at the #6 slot I guess. But remains to be seen how he goes. His bowling especially seems very hittable at the international level to me, and I dont think he has enough ceiling as a batsman to make it worth that risk. For me, both him and 3D are more like #5 batsmen who can also bowl than actual allrounders. Washy back at #7 should at least theoretically strengthen that spot. Hopefully we do play Shardul and Deepak together and maybe Axar as the other spinner.

Ishan (wk)

This could be a very good line up for all the LO games in India. I would rest Virat, Rahul, Bumrah and Pant. They have been playing lots of cricket and we need them more in the tests. This also gives us 4 lefties in the top 9 which is a decent enough balance, esp. 2 in the top 5.