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*Official* CW XI Media Coverage

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
It's not his name. His name is Dauth. We're about reality; that was the whole damn point of the names switch. It's not so much an issue with randoms signing up as we neither know nor care about their real names... we know this is Dauth. End of.


Cricketer Of The Year
Haha, settle down Pickup. It's still going to be - "R.J. De La Cruz" or "Delacruz" or whichever variation. It's not going to be like "DelaCrUz69_4eva".


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Thomas - 'Dela Cruz is carrying my child'
Exclusive scoop by Fernando Hamacooperatoya.
The marriage of star batsman Robert Dela Cruz (nee Dauth) took a dramatic turn tonight as CWXI and Colts seam bowler Greg Thomas shockingly made it known that Dela Cruz was carrying his child.
"I'm just...so...I cannot describe it. We're in love. She's pregnant and I'm the father. I cannot believe it. I cannot believe that she's just married him (Dauth, arguably the seventeenth best looking man in cricket). Didn't our love mean anything?" he spluttered.

Burlesque dancer and former "Miss Sewerage Plant Peru" Jose Sanchez Dela Cruz representin' at the Olympics, yo.

"What's he got that I haven't?" Thomas said angrily, kicking a garbage can through a nearby Starbucks window, killing 159 people "I gave her everything - love, security, money, gold plated slippers, diamond encrusted cereal, her own pimp so she didn't have to compete with the other hookers. And this is how she repays me!"
Mr Thomas shakes his head and walks away, rejected. Rumour has it he's moving away from the bright lights of Gofftown to live in a small cottage by the seaside with his 3 pet baboons and ***ually confused lemur.


Hall of Fame Member
Thompson given a chance to reach his full potential

With the news that former ODI squad member Callum Thompson has been released from CW Black. The Stedingham Star caught up with National Coach, Tharmilan Loaganathan, to get his views on the situation.

A known fan of the young all rounder, who previous had played under Loganathan Under 19 level. Loganathan felt that this was a massive opportunity for Thompson to reach his full potential.

With a lot of clubs around Cricket Web struggling for depth in batting, this could be big chance for Thompson to play as genuine all rounder. In the last couple seasons Thompson has basically played as lower batsmen and filled in the 5th bowling spot. But this wasn’t really his natural game, as he showed a couple seasons back when he was opening the batting and bowling for CW Black in One Dayers, due to their lack of depth at that time. His form in this role saw Thompson make the ODI squad and an opportunity to play a similar role could once again see the all rounder push for national selection.

With Zac Gelman preferred to Callum Thompson in the recent CW A Squad its seems Black have already got a ready made replacement. But the success of Black recently has been the duel role that both Wilson and Thompson played. There will be big pressure on rookie all rounder Blake Donald, if Black choices to continue with the same type of team balance.

Looking at all four clubs Thompson would be a major asset at any of these clubs. CW Blue has struggled recently with batting depth when Internationals are away, with a tail starting from No 6. Also with the departure of Andy Cloete to Black and the retirement of Matt Smith there would an opening at the top of the order in both disciplines in One Dayers

With the departure of Markus and Mamesh, as well as the uncertain future of Dauth, CW Red will be looking for batting reinforcements to cover those losses. The likely losses of Watt, Kennett and Clapham to international duty will also require additional support to Reddlapalli in the seam bowling ranks.

Green in the past has struggled with the bat and the loss of Goughy to Black, would open up a spot in the Green bowling line up, in One Dayers at least. The addition of a player like Thompson would also likely help a player like Cunningham, who has played his best cricket in the past with a 2nd all rounder in the side.

Colts have added reinforcements with the bat, but still seem to lack some depth, especially after the retirement of Gary Nayak. With the potential losses of Wilson, Thomas or Wright to national duty, there would also be a need for seam back up. Add that with the opportunity to continue his successful partnership with Mike Wilson, Colts could prove to be an attractive option.

But the real question is who has enough room under their cap to sign him up. Reds and Blue still yet to re-sign their 4th Central Contracted players in Dauth and De Silva respectively. How much impact has the off season signings of Fitzsimmons, Bulter and Wilson have had to Colts’ wages? Could Green be the dark horse and provide an early indication the salary cap is worthwhile to spread the talent better? Watch this space to see where Thompson eventually desides his future lies.

Tharmi Loganathan, Stedingham Star

Loony BoB

International Captain
Out of curiosity, I looked into the points per team and here's some stats of note...

Assuming every currently contracted player signs in (ie, everyone but Comley, who at this point I'm not expecting to sign in as I've not seen him for some time around the CWXI forums) and is signed by the teams they are currently with, Thompson would have to look at Blue or Red.

CW Colts: 57 points
CW Green: 58 points
CW Blue: 56 points
CW Red: 52 points
CW Black: 60 points

CW Colts: 3 A Players - interestingly, not a single one of the Colts' contracted players from last season would end up being A players. All 3 of the A players in CW Colts were signed to CW Black in Season 11. CW Colts are also the only team without any E grade players. 15 players.
CW Green: Although they have 58 points in their existing squad - second highest after CW Black: they only have two A players in Halsey (ex-Blue) and Lezama, who is being investigated for a downgrade to B. At 17 players, they have the largest squad.
CW Blue: The most A players goes to CW Blue, with Goff, DeSilva, Fuller, Young and Mamesh all sticking to their club of last season. 15 players.
CW Red: The lowest in points-per-existing-players of the five teams, they may be the most likely side to sign on talent from other teams. Four A players and 2 E players balance the highs and lows - although the "lows" include some rising talent that, after two seasons, are expected to have a higher grading.
CW Black: 60 points and that's them done and dusted should they stick with who they have, now that Thompson has been released. 16 players helped by a handy 3 E players, they paid up for their fifth centrally contracted player and fourth A player in Markus.

All five captains are B players, meaning no side has gained or lost any ground to other teams when paying for their captain.

If you include the captains as five-point-players, there are 289 points to share around. That means an average of 57.4 points per side (again, assuming Comley does not sign in).


Hall of Fame Member
Interesting did you take into account that Reds and Blue have to pay an extra 5 points to re-sign a 4th CC player.

Loony BoB

International Captain
Oops, so he did.

As for Red & Blue, I wasn't aware that you can only have 3 CC players and 1 SC player, I thought it was 4 from either end. But that will certainly make things interesting, now that I look into it... particularly with Blue then at 61 points?


Hall of Fame Member
CW Green: 58 points

CW Green: Although they have 58 points in their existing squad - second highest after CW Black: they only have two A players in Halsey (ex-Blue) and Lezama, who is being investigated for a downgrade to B. At 17 players, they have the largest squad.

If you include the captains as five-point-players, there are 289 points to share around. That means an average of 57.4 points per side (again, assuming Comley does not sign in).
Lezama has now been downgraded. Im not sure who you are counting but by my count Green have 14 players (until Megan signs in) with a total of 51 points.