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*Official* CW XI in England and UK

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Four new faces for CW XI
Test and ODI squads named

Neil Pickup will lead the Cricket Web XI on its second tour of England, with the plane due to depart CWLand tomorrow morning. He leads a team of 15 for the 4-Test series, with the ODI squad set to number 15 with several specialists arriving midtour.

The team contains five specialist batsmen, three wicketkeeper-batsmen, one allrounder, four fast bowlers and two spinners. Names such as Kearsley and Camps have been overlooked in favour of new blood, with no less than four uncapped players numbered in the squad.

Dan Smith, having been given leadership roles at Cricket Web Black and Cricket Web 'A', receives his first international call-up. One of the more ruthless leaders in the country, Smith will look to further state his batting credentials and press for a Test spot. Joining Smith on the fringe of the team is Shan Jasotharan. The aggressive wicketkeeper will expectedly serve as a batsman, picked on the merit of some sparkling career-high form.

In the bowling department, Greg Thomas and Dave Watt have been discarded, whilst Adam Collins receives a much-deserved call. Consistently one of the best bowlers in the country, Collins has never been flashy with his left-arm medium pace. Still, he will hope to impact with whatever opportunity he receives. Much the opposite, Nick Borcich is tearaway quick with an aggressive streak. With both and ball he takes the game to the opposition, and moves ever closer to a Test call.

For the shorter form of the game, Håkon Mørk jr., Shan Jasotharan, Pete Young, David Kennett, Thamba Mamesh, Adam Collins, Nick Borcich, Dan Smith, Travis Demeza and Mike Wilson return home. In place come Ash Chaulk, Liam Camps jr., James Steman, Kev Gough, Kingsley Clapham, Xavier Rose, Ian Markus, Alex Crampton, Dave Watt and Sean Fuller.

Test squad:
NS Pickup (c), H Mørk (wk), S Jasotharan (wk), T Mamesh (wk), PE Young, CR Butler, RJ Dauth, MW Wilson, DM Kennett, TJ Demeza, AA Collins, NA Borcich, TC Halsey, AP Cloete, DP Smith

ODI squad:
NS Pickup (c), AJ Crampton (wk), CR Butler, RJ Dauth, LA Camps, DJ Watt, KJ Gough, KR Clapham, TC Halsey, XPA Rose, I Markus, SE Fuller, JE Stedman, AP Cloete, AP Chaulk

Coach: Tharmi Loganathan


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Congratulations to all selected, especially those who are in line for a debut. I personally can't wait to get my hands on the white ball whilst in CW national colours (y).


International Regular
Awseome to be retained for the series :)

Can't wait to get the new cherry in my hand and bowl in tandom with the greatest ever CW quick, Kennett, if picked in the starting XI.

Loony BoB

International Captain
Big congrats to Jaso on his callup. :) Will be tough to get a crack into that strong first team but it's an honour all the same. Hope Butler and Wilson do the Colts proud as well as him, and of course I hope every CWXI player does well - they're a good bunch and I'm confident we'll pull off some good victories this series!

Mr Mxyzptlk

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What are the odds that Jaso notices this thread before the series is done? That is, providing he isn't told about it by someone.


International 12th Man
Good strong looking squad, looking forward to a good showing from the team, definitely aiming for a hard fought series win.

Will be good to get out on the track with Demeza once more, who in my opinion is a dead set certainty to be in the starting XI. Also looking forward to either once more bowling with ex Red team-mate Borcich, or for the first time with Collins. Certainly interested in seeing what Collins can do as well in the test arena, a well deserved test call-up.

Cheers for the ego boost Trav, but I think there are better pace men in the league currently out there just waiting to break through, who will eclipse my career, just give them a few seasons. I believe that the greatest quick we've had was Hoy, it's a pity he retired.

Congrats also to Smith for his inclusion in the squad, I'm predicting a long career in the test team for him. Another wicket-keeper into the squad should prove to be interesting, hoping Jaso can prove himself at the top flight.


Cricketer Of The Year
Well done to everyone who made it, especially the debutants. Happy to be retained in both squads - just need to stake a claim :shy:


International Captain
A tad disapointed, but you get that. Didn't really expect a call-up, and didn't dissapoint.


Hall of Fame Member
Interesting times for CW especially in Test Cricket. I get the feeling we are about to see something of a changing of the guard, not only interms of personal but also in terms of performances.

Congrats not only to the players making their first tours, but also to the guys like Fuller and Rose getting a re-call

Good luck to you who make the squad(s) as I've got no chance.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Good luck to all involved. It'll be interesting to see how the two very different squads perform.


Pretty stoked to be called up. Didn't actually expect it tbh.

If I'm not actually playing any matches (as I expect) will I be released to play for Derby, seeing as though I'm in the same country?