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Cricketer Of The Year
Time to go International

by Dexter Moon

Tomorrow Cricketweb Land will take the leap into International competition. After a successful introduction into the International Arena on the Cricket Field, they will now target success in the World Game - Football.

People have claimed the move into the International scene of the world of football is like sending someone to the Gallows, However one could hardly be fearful of the first up opponents.

American Samoa; The whipping boys of Oceania football.. In recent times American Samoa have been beaten 10-0, 11-0, 9-1 Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Vanuatu, All far from being powerhouses in Footballing terms.

So what do we make of Cricketweb Lands chances..

Its quite clear that the American Samoans have some deficiancies in defence, as well as a lack of power up front, but how do Cricketweb Land match up?

In the Defence the likes of Dubb-Lynch, Goff, Rai and Gray have a rock solid defence, although only Gray and Rai have played together before they all play the same style of play...
The midfield will be led by the general Nathan Hoy, who will have a bit of work to do as it is in this area where the Samoans do have the upper hand.
However the danger for the Visitors will be the goalscoring ability of the CW'ers.. Kennett, Gough, and Dravid all have been lethal in the opening stages of the CW Premiership and Kennett is already fielding offers from International clubs..

For me i can see a win for CWLand, and a good lead up for the more important match later in the season against the NZ All Whites.

My Tip: CWLand 3-0


International Debutant
Nice article, Blewy. I'm just wondering, do we have a kit for our international team or have I missed it somewhere? :ph34r: