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*Official* All-Star Discussion and Results

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Cricketer Of The Year
sorry its just clicked to me that the 1st lot of all stars is for 5day

i thought it was for overall

excuse my ignorance...

even my 5 day stats are not that bad

but lets beat the aussies.

when u doing that game

Mr Mxyzptlk

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And your Season 2 OD All Stars

(1) Martin Van Jaarsveld (SA A) : 393 runs @ 56.14 : 2x50, 1x100 : HS-150* : SR-84
(1) Shiv S Das (Ind A) : 285 @ 35.63 : 3x50 : HS-62 : SR-76

Top/Middle Order Batsmen
(1) Bugssy (Dev XI) : 476 @ 95.20 : 5x50 : HS-88 : SR-87
(2) Simon Katich (Aus A) : 310 @ 44.29 : 3x50 : HS-81 : SR-86 : 6 wickets @ 28.17 : Econ.-3.81 : SR-44
(1) Sylvester Joseph (WI A) : 209 @ 29.86 : HS-49 : SR-71

(1) Bradley Haddin (Aus A) : 208 @ 52 : 2x50 : HS-95* : SR-82 : 12ct, 4st

(1) Chris Tremlett (Eng A) : 25 wickets @ 13.32 : 2x5w : BB-5/37 : Econ.-4.4 : SR-18.16
(2) Dewald Pretorius (SA A) : 17 @ 12.29 : 2x4w : BB-4/19 : Econ.-3.89 : SR-18.94
(1) Aavishkar Salvi (Ind A) : 17 @ 18.76 : 2x4w : BB-4/33 : Econ.-4.49 : SR-25.06
(1) Thomas Odoyo (Min) : 155 runs @ 19.38 : 15 wickets @ 20 : 1x5w : BB-6/46 : Econ.-4.17 : SR-28.8
(1) Mr. Ponting (Dev XI) : 17 @ 15.76 : 1x5w : BB-5/35 : Econ.-3.86 : SR-24.53
(2) Nathan Hauritz (Aus A) : 19 @ 11.79 : 3x4w : BB-4/16 : Econ.-4.48 : SR-15.79

(2) Michael Clarke (Aus A)
242 runs @ 48.40 : 2x50 : HS-62 : 15 wickets @ 14.47 : BB-3/25 : SR-19.73
(2) Joseph Yovich (NZ A)
199 runs @ 49.75 : HS-45* : 15 wickets @ 22.4 : 1x4w : BB-4/36 : Econ.-4.83 : SR-27.8.
(2) James Troughton (Eng A)
331 @ 55.17 : 2x50, 1x100 : HS-106* : SR-81 : 9 wickets @ 24.44 : Econ.-3.87 : SR-38

I have picked only 1 keeper, 2 openers and 3 middle order batsmen rather than the regular 2 keepers, 3 openers and 5 batsmen. This is to facilitate for 6 bowlers and 3 allrounders. This is because, while the batting was generally poor in the OD's this season, there were alot of outstanding bowlers who thoroughly deserved a callup.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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The Master Blaster teams consist of the batsmen with the top SR's and the bowlers with the best SR's. Each team receives every other rank (eg. SJ XI gets the #1 SR batsman, the LK XI gets the #2 bat, the SJ XI gets the #3 bat etc. etc.). The fact that Mr. Ponting, Marc71178 and Bugssy have ended up on the same team again is purely coincidental.

Your Season 2 Master Blaster teams are...

Sanath Jayasuriya XI

Mike Hussey (Aus A)
Simon Katich (Aus A)
Bugssy (Dev XI)
Steve Tikolo (Minnows)
Marc71178 (Dev XI)
Ashwell Prince (SA A)
Bradley Haddin (Aus A)
Joseph Yovich (NZ A)
Mr Ponting (Dev XI)
Nathan Hauritz (Aus A)
Dewald Pretorius (SA A)

Lance Klusener XI

Jon Kent (SA A)
Wasim Jaffer (Ind A)
Martin Van Jaarsveld (SA A)
Ian Bell (Eng A)
Michael Clarke (Aus A)
James Troughton (Eng A)
Eyes Only (Dev XI)
Aavishkar Salvi (Ind A)
Chris Tremlett (Eng A)
L Balaji (Ind A)
Mfuenko Ngam (SA A)

The three 25-over games will be played tomorrow with the Sanath Jayasuriya XI looking to defend their title. Stay tuned.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Master Blaster Game 1

Viv Richards: Welcome one and all to the 2nd Master Blaster tournament. Season 2 has been a thrilling affair, especially in the limited overs format.

Ian Botham: Yes Viv. All measures have been taken to make this Hobart pitch quite possibly the best batting wicket ever. Sanath Jayasuriya and Lance Klusener are out in the middle to call the toss for the teams they're sponsoring. Shahid Afridi will flip the bird... then the coin.

Viv: Well, Joseph Yovich is ready to kick off the series. The field is always a point of interest in these games. There's a slip, a fly slip, an extra cover, a midoff, a midon, a midwicket, a deep square leg, a cover point and a short fine leg. The restrictions will last for 5 overs. Here he comes...



State Vice-Captain

now with all this over with, i can finnaly start playing for the devs or the devs 'a' oh yea wht happened to the unOFFICIAL trial thread cois it had my updated stats

Mr. P

International Vice-Captain
now that game was AWESOME.:D

I hardly participated and I still enjoyed it-good stuff

Mr Mxyzptlk

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The 16th All Stars are Dave Mohammed (5D) and Marc71178 (OD).

The games will be played today.

The Starting XI's will be as follows:

All Stars
Wasim Jaffer *
Jesse Ryder
Gautam Gambhir
Jesse Ryder
Matthew Elliott
Ed Smith
Jamie Troughton
Carlton Baugh jr. +
Dirk Viljeon
Dave Mohammed
Aavishkar Salvi
Martin Saggers.

Paid the Umpire
Mr Mxyzptlk
Age Master
Eyes Only +
Master Blaster
Mr Ponting
Umpire Money *
Chris Hinton

All Stars
Martin Van Jaarsveld
Shiv S Das
Simon Katich *
James Troughton
Hemang Badani
Michael Clarke
Bradley Haddin +
Nathan Hauritz
Chris Tremlett
L Balaji
Dewald Pretorius

Mr Ponting
Mr Mxyzptlk
Age Master
Eyes Only +
Master Blaster
Umpire Money *
Chris Hinton

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Timeless match

The game was played in the classic format - a Timeless Test. This ensured that the game was not drawn and that all the players got an opportunity to truly show their worth.


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