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***Official*** 3rd Test at the WACA


Hall of Fame Member
I've a feeling the Ashes could be changing hands here. Obviously I hope not, but I fear it could be a repeat of last tour.

aussie tragic

International Vice-Captain
Shane Warne will take his 700th wicket.

Note: He has 685 wkts at the start of the Ashes, so 6 each at the Gabba and Adelaide leaves 3 wkts for Perth :)


International Vice-Captain
Could well be a draw really. Worst pitch, its flat as a tack. Rip up the pitch and pour in some quick set concrete, imo.


World Traveller
dontcloseyoureyes said:
Worst pitch in Australia. Take it back to the old days, I say, with inch wide cracks!
Circa Australia v West Indies 96/97 at Perth? :boxed:


International Coach
Never liked the WACA Test match

Always seems like a soul-less affair.

The ground looks soul-less on TV too.


Cricket Spectator
Hi everyone,

Im new to this site, i want to go to one of the test matches, probably Perth. Unfortunatley for me my friends are not cricket fans. Is the a website where fans can chat to arranged going in groups?

I can be contacted on: scott_holden@hotmail.com or just leave a post.

Cheers guys


Hall of Fame Member
I thought it was illegal for players to sell their comp tickets on? Maybe he doesn't know his dad is making a bit on the sly