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*Official* 2024 South Africa tour of New Zealand: 2 tests


South Africa sent a very good First Class team. I would expect it to win against most FC sides in NZ conditions. I think they would thump most A teams and beat a few test teams, based on how they stood up in the second test. More fancied sides have arrived here and played worse.

I would contract Bedingham and Piedt for New Zealand tomorrow, show a lot of interest in de Swardt for our #7 role and Neil Brand and Dane Paterson would absolutely crush for any FC team. I didn't see much of the #3 because he was always batting when I was following on radio but Petersen and Hamza are probably better players than they were made to look, they just melted when faced with a couple of test bowlers.

It wasn't the real South Africa, but given the injury crises we've had during series with them (in 2017 I think I declared I would never feel bad if we got lucky against them in future after the rain game lol), I'm happy to take it as job done and hopefully we get a full strength clash between two good sides in our next series against each other.

Also, I feel obliged to defend them because I remember posting on here for years when we were ****house and had nothing to reply with when someone wanted to come and kick our puppy team for internet points. South Africa did ok here.


International 12th Man

‘Blackcaps skipper Tim Southee has played down any bad blood with one of his own teammates during the historic second-test victory over South Africa at Hamilton.

On the third day, as the Proteas batters extended their first-innings lead over the home side, Southee made fast-bowler Neil Wagner wait until after lunch, before tossing him the ball, a delay that only seemed to ratchet up the building frustration.

In his first over, he enticed South African Zubayr Hamza into a mistimed hook that skied to fielder Will Young near the boundary, breaking a pesky 65-run partnership.
Wagner's celebration saw him press his finger to his lips, as if to silence his opponents... or teammates... or critics... or his captain. The exact meaning was not apparent, but Southee spent several moments calming his bowler, before allowing him to continue his spell.

"Obviously, Neil's a very passionate man," explained the captain. "We all love him to bits and what he brings to the side, but I was just trying to channel his energy into the right place.

"He's done a tremendous job for us and he was probably frustrated it took so long to come to the bowling crease. I was just trying to make sure we channeled his energy into what we needed at the time.

"He came on and took that wicket, and that was a big part in the game. I don't know what the 'shush' was about, but we know Neil's a passionate guy who wears his heart on his sleeve."