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*Official* 2022 New Zealand Tour of England, Ireland, Scotland & Netherlands

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Yeah and like you can't even say Scotland haven't played cricket to prepare, the CWC League 2 has meant they played a ****ton of internationals, if not against teams of NZ standard

thierry henry

International Coach
@thierry henry have watched every ball of Scotland and Ireland (call me stupid) so far and Ireland is miles ahead of Scotland. Scotland side looks like a good club side (sorry Scottish folks I don't mean to offend you). The ground dimensions are like 50 meters, the outfield could not be rated first class level (although the sun in recent months hasn't helped). I have to say it is a tough watch. Only spark sports are showing this and don't think any channel in UK or anywhere else is covering it. The camera work is very 80s and amateurish is written all over the broadcast.
I strictly just meant the popularity, not the quality, the Scottish games have been well attended, whenever I see games from Ireland it’s like they’re playing in a paddock with no-one there. It’s all the more remarkable that Ireland are as good as they are.

Fuller Pilch

Hall of Fame Member
This is a very inexperienced team. If you take out Guptill (playing his 193rd odi), Santner (78th) and Ferguson (40th) the next most experienced playing odis for NZ are Chapman and Macewell (both playing their 7th today).

ashley bach

International Captain
just checked the score and it's Macewellball yet again
Who else? He always seems to be involved in something, just a bit sceptical when he takes wickets as it may end up confusing/tricking
selectors into thinking his bowlings good. Maybe it's better than we think or give him credit for, but long as he keeps churning out runs its all good.

ashley bach

International Captain
Good from Chapman, he's really making a claim for a spot in the team now.
Mitchell continues to go without an ODI average...it'll look pretty good one day.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Disappointed they didn't give Sears a ODI gig. Guess they really want to forge ahead with Tickner as a like-for-like replacement for Boult for the WC.

ashley bach

International Captain
Disappointed they didn't give Sears a ODI gig. Guess they really want to forge ahead with Tickner as a like-for-like replacement for Boult for the WC.
Forging ahead with Tickner isn't something I'd have imagined, but then I'm not up to scratch on team selections atm.
Haven't seen an awful lot of him, but the times I have, or at least followed his progress, it seems like he just gets absolutely caned.
Hope we can come up with a better answer for a replacement of Trent, if not our bowling really is in dire straights.