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Mohammed Amir cleared to return with immediate effect


Audio File
Foreign commentary is always rather jarring to me

'*^%&*^%&^ *^%$ ^&^%%$&^ delivery "%!%"^&*&^%$£ wicket %$"^£%%^ %$%£'


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Does all 3 become eligible for internationals at the same time or is Amir ahead?
Asif and Butt have suspended sentences after their 5 years. So it comes down to how much they are apologetic about their role in the spot-fixing scandal. Currently they haven't been, so Amir's reintegration to cricket is further ahead than the other two.


International Debutant
How would he get banned for chucking?

If they aren't calling steve finn for chucking I don't see how they would call any other fast bowlers for chucking.


Global Moderator
Looking forward to his return to International cricket. If only to see the existential angst that it will apparently produce here. :ph34r:


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He looks in pretty good rhythm. He's been bowling in the nets and to whomever he can in the time off, it's showing good results.

Anyone know what speeds he is clocking? Looks 135-140s


Cricketer Of The Year
I am hoping for a good comeback from him. He made a mistake and did his time for it. That's it. "Once a cheat, always a cheat" is a bad mindset to have imo.


State Regular
He has not looked terribly bad TBH but I still do not want him to be rushed him into to national 11. He needs to play domestic, bowl long spells before he should be selected for Pak.

But looking at the current situation of Pak bowling attack and couple of high profile series with Eng and India coming up. I would not be surprised if we see him back before EOY.