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Mitchell Marsh vs Ben Stokes thread


Cricket Spectator
He has already brought it down quite a bit and it's not exactly unheard of for England seamers who have learned on the job to start delivering results after 20ish tests.

Broad 36 -> 28
Anderson 37 -> 29
Flintoff 47 -> 31
The first two are front line quicks, while Flintoff basically played the role of a front line quick because he was that good. I think Stokes is useful but certainly not in that group. He is a better batsman than Flintoff it has to be said.


Cricketer Of The Year
Yes and I think he can be more valuable to England and the team can get more out of him as a batting allrounder at number 6 rather than as a frontline seamer who bats.

England usually always have 3 quality seamers, if Anderson is injured or retires, they have Broad, Finn and Wood.

England don't always have someone who can blast double centuries like that. Cook and Root will heave a sigh of relief if they know they have someone else who can score centuries.