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Mathew Sinclair


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
He was given heaps of chances he just wasn't that good. Still he was a lot better than almost all of the top-order bats they tried around that time

thierry henry

Cricketer Of The Year
In retrospect, what's really weird is that he played so many ODIs. Probably your classic case of a guy being given a run in ODIs to see if he was good enough for tests, and then his performances in a format he sucked at unjustly hurting his test reputation.

Fuller Pilch

International Coach
After 12 tests he was averaging 52 with 2 double hundreds (WI on debut and Pakistan) and 150 vs South Africa. For his remaining 21 tests he averaged 20.87 with a high score of 76.

To be fair at times Sinclair seemed to only come back in for 1-2 tests whereas some players from Canterbury had a much longer rope.


Not Terrible
I'd agree he was often brought back on a strangely short rope. I'd also note that he played a LOT of tests anyway.


International 12th Man
Yup I remember seeing his first double hundred live and thinking this guy is good. Then he just disappeared after a while.