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Live Sim Thread

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Davis 3-2 * Drake
More looks on serve here for Drake as Davis lets a 30-0 lead slip as Drake puts together three points thanks to some deep hitting and bad errors from the underdog. Break point for Drake. Again Davis shows some calmness under pressure to save this one with a big first serve, but he follows it up with his first double of the match to give Drake another break point. The eighth seed chooses the wrong way, though, as Davis benefits from his third ace of the match and he follows it up with a fourth to move to 3-2. He's making it hard for himself on serve, but 4/4 break points saved will fill him with some confidence.

JojoMustard on Twitter: "Thought I'd be a part of the Davis box today. Thrown out for a Brazilian model. Still rooting for you mate from the nosebleeds!"

* Davis 3-3 Drake
After failing to score in the first two return games, Davis is on the board immediately in the sixth game as Drake sends a backhand slice into the net for 0-15. No worries, though, as he follows up with a second ace and then approaches the net for 30-15. Davis gets another look at a second serve but overcooks the forehand and sends it about a foot long. He thinks he has a winner at 40-15, but Hawkeye proves him wrong as it is just wide! Two challenges remaining for Davis and it is 3-3.

Davis 4-3 * Drake
That's what Davis needed! An easy service game this time as he shoots out to 30-0 after a couple of quick points and then undoes Drake with a drop shot for 40-0. He doesn't give Drake a look as he fires down ace #5 for 4-3. He's looking for Spidla's ace count, and he's quickly finding his way there.

* Davis 4-4 Drake
Well, well. Davis finally gets his first chance as he gets 15-30 after a couple of well-constructed points. Drake responds with another pair of big serves - he's not getting aces, but he's making life very difficult for the 23rd seed. Davis manages to save one game point to get his first deuce of the match, but Drake escapes with a hold pretty quickly as this set is level at 4-4. Drake 18/23 on serve.

GavinBlackmore5 on Twitter: "Looks like we're set for another tiebreaker this week. Both guys looking pretty strong on service."

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Davis 4-5 * Drake
Two crashing serves get Davis off to a decent start, but Drake is really starting to wind up on that forehand side. A couple of very ordinary second serves gives Drake a look at 30-all and a real chance to nick a break. Can he do it? Maybe, because Davis dumps a backhand into the net to hand Drake a break point. A big first serve down the middle is just kept in by Drake, and the 23rd seed fluffs a simple put away long to give Drake the chance to serve for the first set. Big fist pump from the eighth seed as we go to the change of ends with the Easterner serving at 5-4.

benchmark00 on Twitter: "Heath is a genuine hero #thingscaptainobviouswouldsay." Not sure why there was the need to censor that, so we fixed it up for you pal!

* Davis 4-6 0-0 Drake
Drake isn't just camping on the baseline and is mixing up things nicely as he comes to the net. Unsurprisingly, a fantastic reaching volley moves him to 30-0 and then he hits what I think is his fourth ace of the set to bring up three set points. He sprays his first one wide but challenges it anyway to collect his thoughts. The tactic works as Davis puts a second serve into the bottom of the net off the backhand wing to hand the East first blood and the first set 6-4! Drake, pointing at his box, runs back to his chair while a frustrated Davis seems to have a problem with his strings.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year

Davis 4-6 1-0 * Drake

After the disappointment of that set, Davis starts slowly to be 0-30 after dumping a volley into the net. He gets a lucky net cord next point, though, and advances to 40-30. A couple of deuces are played as he fails to close out the set, but he manages on his fourth game point as Drake fails to land a backhand in.

* Davis 4-6 2-0 Drake
Drake continues where he left off to skip ahead to 30-0, but he's reeled in by Davis who crafts a couple of nice points and finishes them off with winners to both sides of the court. 30-30 becomes 30-40 and a break point as Drake suffers his first double fault of the match, and with his first break point Davis moves ahead 2-0 as he just crushes a Drake slice down the line. His forehand is starting to warm up now!

Davis 4-6 3-0 * Drake
This is nice stuff from Davis as again he drops the first point of a game and comes back strongly. This time Drake makes a pair of errors on the forehand wing to give Davis 30-15, and then is probably a bit too defensive as Davis runs around a short backhand and crushes another forehand winner. There's no getting to that for Drake who goes to the change of ends down 0-3 needing to find a way back into the set.

* Davis 4-6 4-0 Drake
Trouble afoot for Drake as he falls back 0-30 after his second double fault of the set. He responds well with a couple of unreturned first serves, but Davis benefits from the Hawkeye technology which rules what looked to be a forehand winner from Drake just long. Break point number two for Davis for the set, and he makes no mistake with this one as he earns a 4-0 lead by outlasting Drake in a long forehand rally. Fist pump from Davis, while Drake directs a spray at his box.
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SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Davis 4-6 4-1 * Drake
Davis starts off well with an ace down the T, but he stuffs up a pretty routine forehand and watches as Drake moves to 15-30 with a lovely approach shot and volley. Davis draws level at 30-all, but Drake brings up his first break point of the set with a clean winner off a Davis first serve! Davis saves that with an ace, but double faults to hand Drake his second break point. He cannot convert this, but it is third time lucky after a third break point draws an error from Davis on the forehand side to help him claw back one break of serve.

* Davis 4-6 4-2 Drake
Drake coming back into this like a bullet. He's found his confidence and his mojo after losing it in the first four games of this set. He shoots out to 30-0 with a couple of quick points, and then finishes a longer rally with a fine forehand winner down the line. Three game points, but he needs just one as he aces Davis for 2-4.

Davis 4-6 5-2 * Drake
Drake really piling on the pressure here as he looks to return this set to serve. He gets 0-30 and then, with a big backhand that draws the error, has two break points at 15-40. Davis saves the first with an ace, and then comes to the net off a second serve to put away a volley. Gutsy move there. That type of point could win him the set as he closes out the game with two more aces. All on the Drake racquet now!

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
* Davis 4-6 5-3 Drake
Despite failing to convert his chances in that last game, Drake is really starting to put the pressure on the 23rd seed. After taking a 30-0 lead after some long rallies, Davis basically tanks the next two points and concedes to love. He looks happy to serve this one out, but the question really is whether he actually can!

Jason Hall on Davis: "He's tightened up considerably here. He really needs to serve out this set, or else he's in a lot of trouble."

Davis 4-6 5-4 * Drake
Is this Drake's chance? Davis double faults immediately and is clearly feeling jittery here. About ten minutes ago he looked like cruising through this set, but he's got to work for it now. His forehand misfires, but he challenges it anyway to regroup despite it being about four inches wide. 0-30 soon becomes 0-40 and three break points for the eighth seed as Drake pounds a forehand into the net. After blowing two last game, Drake doesn't make the mistake here as he finally does some work for himself to put the set back on serve with a great approach shot and overhead smash.

* Davis 4-6 5-5 Drake
This is where Grand Slams are won, my friends! Davis has blown a 4-0 lead here and Drake is not letting him off the hook. Serving to stay in the set for the third time, Drake again manages a game to love as his big weapons from the baseline are starting to frustrate Davis. He's not even having to do much as the forehand that was working so well for the big man are flying all over the shop. He's going to have to work for this from here.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Davis 4-6 5-6 * Drake
What a turnaround this has been! Could this be the new world number three? Drake gets a slice of luck - and a chunk of the net - as a return that looks to be crashing into the net stops dead and drops to bring up double break point. Drake apologies, but he clearly doesn't mean it. He takes advantage of BP #1 in a more convincing style as he unloads with a 92 mph forehand winner which takes the chalk. Davis challenges it, but it is more out of hope than anything and he needs to stop the rot to stay in this final.

Davis 4-6 6-6 Drake
Well where Drake got some luck last game, Davis has his own at 30-30 here after getting a look at a Drake second serve. Half-way through a rally, Davis hits a forehand deep and Drake watches it sail out - or does he? The umpire calls it long, and Drake realises what a mistake he's made and decides to challenge it anyway. Biggest point of the match so far, and Hawkeye proves Drake's mistake. With a break point, Davis somehow keeps his hopes alive by coming to the net and showing his solid volleying game to send the set to a tiebreaker.

From Sven Oxenstierna on Twitter: "lol wta."

Davis 4-6 6-7 (5-7) Drake
Serving first, Drake slams down a big ace before dumping a backhand into the bottom of the net. An extraordinary twenty-shot rally ends with Davis sending a ball long to hand Drake the first minibreak of the tiebreak to make it 4-2 before he picks up another ace to make it 5-3 with his first serve after the change of ends. A beauty of a backhand forces an error from Davis to bring up three set points for Drake. Aces 10 and 11 sensationally save two of those, but Drake is too cool and the serve-and-volley puts him on the cusp of the title at two sets to love!