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Lara's genius efforts


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Brian Lara has played some exceptional innings like the one to win the test match vs Australia in the Caribbean which is the best test I have seen.

Seeing the devastation Lara caused today against Pakistan, I would like to bring back to memory another remarkable inning played by the genius that is Lara.

He did not score as much but with the pressure of reaching the finals and chasing, getting 66 off the last 7 overs was daunting for the Windies. What does Lara do? The man who was struggling for a lot of the time in the inning almost plans his explosion and wins it for the windies. Two sixes off consecutive balls off Warne. That inning is not much remembered which is a reason for me posting this.

The match -


The match report -


From the match report from cricinfo - With 66 needed in the last seven overs, Lara cut loose, taking
14 and 11 runs off Warne's next two overs, including two
towering sixes off successive balls. Lara's last 40 runs came
off only 24 balls.


Some other exceptional but not as notable performances of Lara maybe even from domestic matches posted here would be much appreciated.

cricket player

International Debutant
One of the finest player's.I still rate lara more then sachin.He is one of the finest player west indies have ever seen.Wonderfull player to watch absloutely brilliant.


U19 Vice-Captain
I also remember that match quite vividly. That innings came amongst a purple patch he had in that series where he scrored two centures and 90 on the trot. I think his century against australia a few days earlier was very similar in nature to this 90.


Whatever it takes!!!
Yeah, Warne bowled 7 overs for 15 or something and then his last 3 went for 40. Two due to Lara and one due to Robert Samuels, Marlon's brother.


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I have a video of that knock and I remember it too. It was an amazing knock, no doubt. As good, in my opinion, was Robert Samuels' hitting in support of Lara. That was the best little innings he played all that summer.

What ever happened to Robert Samuels?
He was a fairly limited player from what I remember. Good hitter but he was eventually dropped and never heard from again.


Virat Kohli (c)
I remember that knock. Hell that whole series was brilliant. Best tri-series in Australia I've ever seen.


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Craig said:
What ever happened to Robert Samuels?
He now coaches my school's team, if u can call it that.Also, does some commentating and is a national U-15 selector.


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He used to captain the Jamaica team.Came under fire season before last and retired at the end of the season.I'm listening to him right now.