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Kyle Jamieson vs. Axar Patel

Whose bowling average you want more to come down to the ground?

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Feel like Jamieson definitely deserves the low average more, can't say I really "want" either to necessarily get worse though. I expect Axar's to stay low though given he virtually never plays unless it's a dustbowl lol


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Ashwin is 35, Jadeja is 32. Axar could play lot more in future in a variety of conditions, especially if he delivers with the bat too.


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Ashwin is 35, Jadeja is 32. Axar could play lot more in future in a variety of conditions, especially if he delivers with the bat too.
Axar is 28 as well and in his prime now. By the time Ash and Jaddu retire, there is a risk that his prime form will wane off.


Whatever it takes!!!
I think as fitness standards and body conditioning and understanding keeps improving, we are going to see more players play into the late 30s tbh. So the old thinking of 35 = retirement and 30+ = back half of careers may need to be revisited.


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As long as Axar plays 500 IPL games he would have fulfilled his cricketing potential.


Whatever it takes!!!
Could go the other way - burnout from all the travelling, multiple formats and allure of easy retirement money playing T20 leagues
Depends. You have your Chris Gayles and if you wanna be harsh, your ABs but you will also have your Kohlis, Roots and even Ashwins who may play more test cricket than other formats as they grow older.


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Needs to happen. I'm still annoyed that (Voges didn't troll the entire sport by retiring when his Test average was 96.)
If that had happen people from subcontinent and especially from India would have found another way to down grade bradmans achievement,thank god that didn’t happen.


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Needs to happen. I'm still annoyed that Voges didn't troll the entire sport by retiring when his Test average was 96.
Still ended up with the second highest batting average of players with over 20 innings so it still kind of counts.


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Needs to happen. I'm still annoyed that Voges didn't troll the entire sport by retiring when his Test average was 96.
96 isn't anywhere near as se*y as 69. He tried to get it down to that orgasmic number, unfortunately fell further.


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Look over your shoulder. There may be a chip.
This was what one of the person from India had written in quora in the most overrated cricketer and it was first in reading viewed by 100k people ,I reported it from my 4 quora account because it was so bad.If voges had returned with average of 96,he would have found another reason to say unnecessary things about bradman.he even included 5th test 1938 where bradman was injured and didn’t bat after twisting his ankle while bowling.
SIR’ Donald Bradman is the most overrated cricketer ever. He is a legend for sure, but definitely not worth the hype.

  1. The LBW law was not properly implemented until 1937 when it became an MCC law. Prior to it, the batsmen were not given out even if the ball hits the pads.
  2. Bradman played international cricket against 4 nations - England, West Indies, South Africa, and India. Out of his 52 appearances in tests, he played more than 70% of them against England. Playing most of the matches against just one team made him familiar with their bowling.
  3. Bradman had hardly played in 10–12 grounds(that too only in England and Australia) throughout his career. He was well aware of the conditions there. Players like Ponting, Tendulkar, and Sangakkara have played in 10+ countries and 50+ grounds.
  4. Spin bowling was not so dominant in those days. There was no single quality spinner on the English side at that time. Who knows what would Bradman’s average be, if he had played in current spin-friendly tracks of Asia.
  5. He averaged 178.75 against India and 201.50 against South Africa. Both these teams were amateur and didn’t have enough experience in the international arena. It’s like Steve Smith playing against minnows like Bermuda or Oman.
  6. His average was not exceptional against the English and the Caribbean teams. His average against WI is 74.5 and England is 89.78. If any modern-day legend plays such a high percentage of matches against just one team, he would definitely have the similar average. Imagine Kohli playing 70% of his matches against Srilanka (or) Sangakkara playing against Bangladesh.
  7. The strategists play an important role in today’s game. They check the batting videos of the opposition player and devise a plan to get him out. All opposition teams had their plans against Tendulkar and Ponting, well ahead of the match. There no such facilities during Bradman’s era.
  8. Cricket in those days only had one format. That too was played rarely. In a career spanning for 13 years(no cricket for 6 years 1939–45, due to WW2), Bradman played just 52 tests. that’s 4 tests per year. Current generation players play games of all the 3-formats. They take immense pressure while playing the shorter formats.
  9. Whenever the pitch is hard to play, he wouldn't come to bat. He would be given an absent hurt. That also boosted his average. He didn't bat in both the innings of the 5th test vs England at London.

(First Innings)

(Second Innings)

With such a great strategy and conditions of the game, any good player would have had a similar average as of Bradman’s.


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