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Just a Theory of mine


U19 Cricketer
Haha. I was shocked when I caught myself saying that things were so good and pure in my times i.e. 90's. When in 90's though, I was constantly annoyed by the older generation constantly praising the world as it existed 70's.

These things that I am talking about had nothing to do with cricket but with music. But even with cricket, I seem to fondly remember 90's even though the Indian team was quite **** back then.
With all the techno computerized stuff to go along with bad lyrics in music nowadays i can understand the lament but w.r.t cricket it is difficult to differentiate between era's as there are so many variables uncovered pitches , covered pitches, no protection, lots of protection ,bats, fielding standards, pressure, number of games played,more countries playing cricket, better coaching , different conditions, travel,commercialization of the game..btw i am not an expert in both but i can play a good on-drive ;)..Yes i like 90's as well..


International Coach
Yeah, it's a fair point, but understandable. We always get nostalgic for memories from earlier periods in our life - childhood in particular. I do think the 70s and 80s though was a particularly special time in cricket - with people like Viv and Lillee, who had charisma in bag loads. I've no doubt in 20 years Australians at least will be looking back at the 90s/00s period and that crop of talent that rose from the Shield into the test arena and the current players - whomever they be - will be rated severely against those greats.

As for Ponting, surely no one thinks Border is a better batsman?!
I think he meant Border over Chappell.

Not sure who would say that Chappell was better than Ponting?

Agree with them regarding what seems to me as overhyping of Pollock and Richards.