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Hey Dingo How do you edit the database for ACC???


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Like I've said on cricketgames.com, it's fairly easy ONCE you know what you're doing. If you want, I can write up a "how-to" on the subject. That would be the easiest way to explain how to edit the datbase.


School Boy/Girl Captain
I had a look at the database.db file with a hex editor, couldn't really understand what was going on ... The players didnt seem to be grouped by state, just all over the shop :) lol.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Like anything cricket-related I do, it will be exclusive to Cricket Web.

Expect it in the next week or two.


Cricket Spectator
Mate every time i try to unzip it there was an error!!!i eventually opened it with winzip classic and found out that the readme had an error i got it to work but i just thought i'd tell you that i think it has an error somewhere(i suspect the readme)


Yeah could i have the deatails to. I love your work but would like to but some of my mates into the database who are good crickets as well edit some current players. Email is Severnmob@bigpond.com.au